• JV’s of the Week for October 2, 2023


    JV’s of the Week for October 2, 2023  

    Alexis DeLeon

    Isaiah Bossett

    Mia Smith

    Noah Wynn

    Alexis DeLeon has a great attitude about learning and is always willing to help to help a classmate.  She helps the students around her with technology, understanding of the English language, and the math concepts we discuss in class.  Her presence in the classroom is invaluable! - Lindsay Holmes


    Isaiah Bossett is one of my most respectful students. It's only been a couple of weeks, but he has shown exponential growth since the start of school. I can tell that he cares, even if he doesn't like history, because he took extra time to complete extra credit opportunities and using optional study materials to improve his grade from our quiz to the test. - Kelsey Lynch


    Mia Smith is a wonderful student assistant, she always walks in with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She is always willing to help no matter how large the task is she does it and never complains. We are very grateful to have Mia as our J House student assistant. - Jessica Molina


    Noah Wynn is a ray of sunshine. He always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude. He is consistently eager to help and support in any way that he can. Noah has a great sense of humor and is enthusiastic to be in school.  - Daisy Flores







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    JV’s of the Week for September 26, 2023  

    Steven Flores

    Briera Walker

    Yashar Samsai

    Kieven Galo

    Steven Flores works well with others and shows respect for their differences.


    Briera Walker is JVTV president fot the second year in a row and she is a practicum student. As a practicum student she currently works for CFISD Communications and is a host for the district show. I cannot be prouder of her.  She also is the VIce president of JV players. Just saying!  She is pretty awesome.


    Yashar Samsai is always willing to be helpful. He has a great attitude everyday. He is willing to go above and beyond to assist us here in J office.


    Kieven Galo started mariachi club and actively recruited for it. Joined and following through with TRI-M honor society








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  • JV’s Students of May 15, 2023

    Careliz  Gutierrez Juarez

    Mauricio Izaguirre

    Carolina Arcea  

    Regina Hernandez Rodriguez


    Careliz Gutierrez is such a hard worker and always kind and helpful. Careliz is such a good friend to her classmates.  If a student near her needs help, she is by their side.  She never gives out the answers she helps them learn how to get the answers.  She will help with translating English to Spanish as well.  This type of kindness is so appreciated, not just by her classmates but by me too.


    Mauricio Izaguirre always comes to class with a positive attitude and engages in class. As a result of his participation and questions, others in the class are often more engaged because he makes it fun. Mauricio is always respectful to me as the teacher and is fun to have in class.


    Regina Hernandez Rodriguez is a respectful girl. She is considerate of others and helps when she can. She encourages those around her to rise to the challenges presented in class. She works hard and is very diligent. She is a joy to have in class!


    Carolina Arcea works extremely hard to keep up with her grades and does a great job in her Spanish 4AP class. And she is always nice.



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