CHANGE OF TRANSPORTATION and Early dismissal procedures

  • Transportation Changes

    McFee requires a handwritten note for any change of transportation. The note should state the student's full name, the date, the new mode of transportation, the date for the change to occur, and have the signature and phone number of the legal guardian. There are two ways to change transportation: 

    1. Send a note in your student's backpack in the morning.
    2. Drop off a note at the front desk.

    ALL requests for transportation changes must be submitted by 3:00pm to make a change for the same day. For the safety of our students, no over-the-phone changes can be accepted.


    Early Dismissal/Release of Students

    A student will not be released from school at times other than regular dismissal hours except with the principal's or principal designee's permission, and in accordance with campus sign-out procedures. The student:

    • Must bring a note from his or her parent/legal guardian/supervisory adult specifying the reason for the early release, the release time, and the person picking up the student in order for the student to be waiting in the front office;  
    • Will receive a pass to be released at the specified time;
    • Will be sent to the receptionist/attendance office to wait to be released to the appropriate person;
    • Is to be signed out by the appropriate person with the attendance office/receptionist; Will be marked absent if checked out before 9:10 a.m. by teachers during their absence;
    • May have the attendance code modified by the attendance secretary to reflect the absence; and 
    • Will have a note placed in the student’s attendance file.

    Early pick up ends at 3:00pm. All persons, including parents, should be prepared to present a picture ID to school officials when requesting the release of a student.

    • For transportation and release of student questions, please call 281-463-5380.