Updated Yearbook Distribution

  • Senior yearbooks, as well as on-campus/faculty, and extra books, will arrive on May 22nd. All underclassmen books will be shipped directly from Balfour to the student’s home address. A statement written by Balfour was sent out to all parents on Friday, outlining the publisher's responsibility for this failure. This should field most questions or concerns you may get from students.

    1. "Why are we not getting books today?" Balfour failed to print the yearbooks at their scheduled time. Check the CWHS Press social media or your parent's email for the full statement.
    2. "Can I still buy one of the extra books/Is it too late to buy a yearbook?" Any extra books will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis on May 24th during all lunches at the spirit shop by the cafeteria. No books can be reserved. Books are $100 cash only. An equal amount of books will be available at each lunch and any remaining books will be put in a lottery system with those names from each lunch that wanted to purchase, but the limit had been met.
    3. "What about getting our yearbook signed?" Autograph books, free of charge, that can be inserted into the yearbook will be available at all lunches on May 24th.
    4. "How will I get my yearbook?" If you are a senior, you will receive yours at senior breakfast. If you are an underclassman, they will be mailed to your home. The timeline for that is in the statement sent to your parents or on the CWHS Press social media. 
    5. "Other CFISD schools got theirs, why didn't we?" Printing presses do not print all CFISD books at the same time. Each school has a different timeline. 
    6. "I'm a senior who won't be at senior breakfast. How do I get my book?" Email Ms. Schulte (contact below) and she will help set up a time for you or a family member to pick up your book at the Cy Woods front desk. Your yearbook cannot be issued to anyone else.

    If you have any other questions, please email emily.schulte@cfisd.net, or come by room before or after school (RM 1866).