86th Legislative Session

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CFISD Legislative Priorities

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School Finance

  • Update the Foundation School Program finance system and restore the State’s share of formula funding to at least 50% by:

    • Identifying additional state revenue sources and dedicate those sources solely to funding public education in order to reduce the over reliance on local property taxes.

    • Increasing the Basic Allotment each biennium and adjusting for annual inflation, tied to increases in local property value growth.

    • Updating the Cost of Education Index (CEI) to reflect current economic conditions prior to each State biennium.

    • Updating the funding weights to reflect the costs for children of poverty, bilingual and ESL, and Career and Technology (CTE).

  • Provide greater funding for facilities, and eliminate the equalization components of each program.

  • Remove the penalty for a Local Optional Homestead Exemption (OHE) in the Comptroller’s property value assignment.

  • Remove restrictions on the use of funds provided in the Foundation School Program for special allotments such as bilingual and compensatory education allotments.
  • Level the playing field with charter schools by determining the average allotment for charters based on the average allotment received by school districts in the counties where the charter is located.

  • Fund full-day pre-k for qualified students.

  • Increase the State's contribution to the TRS Active-Care health plan.

Assessment & Accountability

  • Eliminate the letter grade rating system and restore the Exemplary, Recognized, Acceptable and Unacceptable rating system.
  • Reduce standardized testing to only those areas required at the federal level – eliminate writing and social studies.
  • Remove the expiration date of the Individual Graduation Committees.


  • Maintain the present level of reporting requirements.
  • Expect transparency and reporting requirements to be applied equally to public schools, charter schools, and others who receive state education funding.

Local Control

  • Oppose legislation that mandates a performance pay system for teachers.
  • Support local control on school start date without the use of District of Innovation process.

Safety & Security

  • Provide adequate funding for effective implementation of safety and security measures.

  • Maintain local control over implementation of safety and security measures.

School Choice

  • Oppose legislation that diverts funding from public schools to private schools.
  • Support school choice that ensures uniform standards and requirements for all school systems receiving state funds.
  • Oppose the expansion of charters into high performing districts.


  • Update transportation allotment to reflect current economic conditions.

  • Exempt school districts from paying toll fees.

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