General Administration


The Department of General Administration has a wide variety of responsibilities. We are responsible for all Elections, Capital Outlay , Fundraisers, Booster clubs, PTO Guidelines, Internet Auctions, Pick up and Delivery of Surplus items, Replacement furniture schedule, and all portable building placements. Within our department, we have four other departments:

The Facilities Use Department

Responsible for scheduling and planning all non-district organizations that would like to use our facilities.

The Records Department

Responsible for processing records requests, as well as providing long term storage for certain CFISD records. It is the answer center for records retention and destruction of all campus records.

Department of Planning and Research

Responsible for tracking all current and future residential development activity for boundary, enrollment, and staffing purposes.

Instructional Materials Allotment

Responsible for the purchasing, distributing and maintaining inventory of all state adopted materials. Also assists the curriculum department with the adoption of all new textbooks.


Kristi Giron
Director of General Administration

Stephanie Burke
Assistant to Kristi Giron

The Facilities Use Department

Jean Roensch
Facilities Use Manager

Veloni Herrick
Facilities Use Secretary

The Records Department

Kathy Newman
Records Manager

Deborah Hackney
Records Secretary

The Textbooks Department/Instructional Materials Allotment

Diane Hopmann
Manager Textbooks and Surplus Property

RaNee Boyd
Textbook Secretary

Department of Planning and Research

Blanca Cooper
Planning and Research Manager

Laura Lawless
Planning and Research Assistant Manager 

Kristine Henning
Planning and Research Secretary

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