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The Technology Services’ department mission is to maximize every student’s potential by building a world class quality K-12 technology service system to prepare students to be 21st century global leaders. Their purpose is to deliver world class quality K-12 Technology Service systems by providing EXTRAORDINARY technology service. The department is responsible for six areas: Enterprise Communication Networks, Network Management Operations, Device Imaging and Integration, Customer Care Center, Information Services and Applications, and Acquisition, Assets, and Sustainability. Each team’s area of responsibilities are shown in the following:

  • Enterprise Communication Networks - Manage and operate the Enterprise Communication Networks including Internet, Intranet, wireless access, firewall, connectivity, network electronics, phone systems and all District communications. 
  • Network Management Operations - Manage and operate the network fileservers including E-Mail, file/print services, transportation, food service, library, security, maintenance, Internet content filtering, and all file server applications 
  • Device Imaging and Integration - Design, image, and integrate all network and application software on end-user devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, eReaders, and all other devices that run on and connect to the network 
  • Customer Care Center - Provide call center, customer service, and support to all District users including administrative staff and teachers 
  • Information Services and Applications - Manage, support, and maintain all enterprise application software including Student Accounting, Business Services, Payroll, Insurance, Finance, Benefits, and Human Resources 
  • Acquisition, Assets, and Sustainability - Purchase all technology hardware and software, track and manage technology assets, and provide technology service and repair for all technology devices including software, hardware, and peripherals

For network or email  technology assistance please contact the Customer Care Center 281-897-HELP (4357)


Frankie Jackson
Chief Technology Officer
[email protected]

Katie Hernandez
[email protected]

Larry Barrios
Manager, Personal Computer Support
[email protected]

John Crumbley
Director, Information Services
[email protected]

Jay Johnson
Director, Technology Support Services
[email protected]    

Samara Rivera-Rangel
[email protected]

Jennifer Miller
Director of Technology Support Services / Performance Excellence
[email protected]

Zuhura Gober
[email protected]

Greg Rhodes
Manager, Network Operating Systems
[email protected]  

Paula Ross
Director, Infrastructure, Communications and Networks
[email protected]

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