Rules & Sportsmanship



  • Gates open 1 hour prior to game time.

  • Masks/Facial Coverings required for all persons entering a CFISD athletic facility.

  • Spectators are asked to socially distance from other groups by 6 ft. in each direction. Stadium capacity should allow this to happen.
    The following items are not permitted in the stadium:
    • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Drugs
    • Use of Tobacco Products/E-Cigs 
    • Weapons Balls of any type Flag Poles Baby Powder
    • Distribution of Literature
    • Outside Food or Drink 
    • Tripods 
    • Frisbees 
    • Non, Untrained Service Animals Aerosol Cans/Silly String  Confetti  
    • Noisemakers 
    • Balloons 
    • Skateboards
    • Whistles
    • Baby Strollers 
    • Containers of any kind 
    • No Signs Larger than 22” x 28” (Poster Board Size)*
      * Must be approved for content
  • Everyone entering the stadium must pass through a metal detector.
  • A Clear Bag Policy will be in place this season. Any fully transparent bag is allowed with no size limitation. Non-transparent bags must not exceed 6” x 9” x 5”. All guests, purses and bags are subject to search.
  • Tailgate parties are not allowed on CFISD property.
  • Tickets – Cash/CC Only. No refunds or exchanges. No re-entry.  Tickets are only accepted for the game played on that date.
  • Spectators must sit in the stands and keep off the rails. Aisles must be kept clear.
  • Any Code of Conduct violations by CFISD students will be reported to campus administration for disciplinary action.
  • Crossover from one side of the stadium to another will not be allowed this year.
  • Objects to be thrown at game must be approved prior to the game.
  • Only uniformed personnel and their sponsors are allowed on the field or in the field house area.
  • Media must check in at the VIP entrance and obtain a pass. At KP Stadium Gate 1.
  • No passes will be accepted at the gate this year due to COVID-19 precautions. Only exception will be a district 16 or 17-6A Pass.
  •  Medical exceptions to any of the stadium rules will be individually addressed at the gates.
  • Only varsity team personnel and approved guests are allowed in the team area (15 yard line to 15 yard line) during the game.


  • Performing groups may enter the stadium 90 minutes prior to game start.
  • CFISD Athletic Booster Clubs may sell approved, non-food items at any game.  The booster clubs for the performing groups and other principal approved school organizations may sell in a designated area at one game per year excluding homecoming. Only one approved group besides the athletic booster club is allowed to sell items on a given night. No sales of any kind are allowed outside the stadium on district property. Raffles are not permitted.
  • Students in performing groups may bring food and drinks into the stadium through the designated band/drill team gate. All items brought in are subject to being searched.
  • Victory lines are limited to drill team and cheerleaders only. All victory line participants will require a mask. Spectators are not allowed to come down to the field level.
  • Only approved and designated students in a school mascot uniform or spirit teams are allowed on the sidelines.
  • Cheerleader and Drill Team escorts are not allowed on the sidelines during the contest.
  • Cheerleaders may perform outside of the team box area (15 yard line to 15 yard line).
  • Signs are permitted on the fencing on the north end of both stadiums.  Professionally manufactured performing group signage and spirit signage is allowed in the general admission seating areas. Signs must be grommeted, zip tied and must not exceed 24-36” in height and no more than 36’ long. All signage must be approved by the principal and CAC. No paper signs are allowed.
  • No vehicle of any kind will be allowed to drive on the stadium surface. Only emergency vehicles may be parked inside the stadium.
  • Heavy equipment is prohibited on the field.
  • No band equipment may be on the side-lines before half-time.
  • Only one group from the home team may be recognized before the game or at half-time.  They must have prior approval from the Principal and the Athletic Department. Video Board information must be formatted by the Berry Center Staff prior to the event.
  • Band and drill teams must enter through the Band/Drill Gates located between Gates 6 & 7 at Cy-Fair FCU Stadium and on the North side (scoreboard) of Ken Pridgeon Stadium.
  • At Ken Pridgeon, band, drill team and cheer groups enter off Cougar Rd. and will park and warmup only in the designated band/drill parking area on the North side of the stadium and will warm up in the adjacent parking areas.
  • At Cy-Fair FCU Stadium, band, drill team and cheer groups enter off West Rd. at the traffic light and may park in lot F
  • (Home Team) and lot H (Visiting Team) and warm-up only in Lot G.
  • Props are not allowed on the sidelines. Props must be approved prior to the game.
  • No section or area in the stands may be roped off at any time.
  • No amplified speakers are allowed. No taped music can be played over the P. A. system.
  • Live Mascots are not allowed in the stadium.
  • Visiting teams from other districts are not allowed to sell items in Ken Pridgeon or Berry Center stadiums.

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