Candidate: Bob R. Covey

Bob R. Covey


SUBDIVISION: Lakes of Fairhaven

OCCUPATION: Semi-retired; working at American Alloy Steel in sales, previously
VP of Sales for 35 years

SPOUSE: Kathleen M. Covey

CHILDREN: David Covey, 39, Cy-Fair HS 1996, married to Christiana with two children who attend Swenke ES, previously at Keith ES Michael Covey, 37, Cy-Fair HS 1999, married to Sarah with one child, two months old James Covey, 35, Cy Fair-HS 2001, married to Cathy Cole, Cy-Fair HS 2001 with three children, two at Keith ES, one in preschool

Why did you choose to live in CFISD?
Education Major at Tx State (aka SWT), we did a field trip to CFISD and visited campus that was an “Open Concept” campus, a very new education concept being actively practiced. After marriage and a move to the Houston area, even though she was a Spring Branch product, we chose CFISD for it’s education for our future children, and great work environment for my wife, as a teacher.

Are you currently a CFISD volunteer? If so, what school(s)?
Presently I am a reader at Sheridan Elementary, Lamkin Elementary on a regular basis, and I also read at Keith Elementary periodically. On special occasions, I have also read at Metcalf, Pope, Andre and at Camp Summit. I have also been a “Bus Buddy” at Sheridan for 3 years.

I also volunteer to work with Texas State at our College Night at the Berry Center.

Include any other areas in which you have supported CFISD not included in previous question.
My wife being a CFISD teacher, I was the one to volunteer in our son’s classrooms when needed. I have also served as a mentor and chaperone on field trips. Served as President of the Cy Fair HS All Athletic Booster Club, and President of the Cy-Fair HS Choral Booster Club. 2001 Bond Committee, 2004 Bond Committee, CPOC at Emmott Elementary.

List Cy-Fair organizations in which you currently participate, including offices held.
CFISD Board Secretary, Vice President, President. Representing CFISD, I also serve on the Gulf Coast Association of School Boards Executive Board, Texas Association of School Boards Board of Directors and President of Go Public Gulf Coast, Promoting Public School Education in the Gulf Coast.  

Considering your skills and talents, what positive contribution would you make as a member of the Board of Trustees?
My passion and advocacy is for the best education possible for ALL children.   I believe that my background and degree in education, coupled with my 35 plus years in the business world gives me insight from both perspectives. I am a devoted, loyal, trustworthy, collaborative leader, who is respectful and considerate of my peers and colleagues. I do believe in challenging the district for continued improvement and accountability to our community.

What are the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees?
Trustees have defined responsibilities that include:

A) Adopting a budget and being fiscally responsible to all sides 

B) Setting policy, procedures and goals for the district and the betterment of ALL the district.

C) Hiring and if  needed, replacing the Superintendent

D) Being accountable to the community that elected us, without personal agenda. Knowing our responsibilities and not micro­ managing the District is highly important and legally responsible.

What role do positive trustee relations on the Board play in affecting student success?
A functional Board sets the positive tone for the entire district. If we, as a Board, are collaborative, respectfully cooperative, goal driven and prepared, then that attitude will trickle down to administration, faculty, support staff and ultimately the students. They will believe in their success and be successful as a positive attitude accomplishes much more than negativity.

What critical challenges face the district, and what are possible solutions to address those issues?
Finances are always the biggest challenge, especially considering how reduced State and Federal government support is, yet more unfunded mandates . There are alternative formulas not considered by State Lawmakers. I have a major concern for the privatization movement, and feel it will demoralize and possibly destroy “free” public school education for ALL. ”Go Public” hopes to replace that negativity with factual positive information about public education today, thus avoiding potential of socio-economic segregation in education. 

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