Questionnaire: Ryan Irving Jr.

Ryan Iriving

Full Name:
Ryan C. Irving Jr.

Occupation and company:
Honors student at the University Of Houston


Years lived within CFISD:

Why did you choose to live in CFISD?
As a young boy my mother’s priority was to ensure that I had the best opportunity at an education which was Cy-Fair ISD!

Are you currently a CFISD volunteer?:
I have not yet been able to volunteer on a regular basis but I plan to do so in the near future.

List your participation in CFISD school and/or district parent clubs, business partnerships and/or committees.
None at this time.

Include any other areas in which you have supported CFISD not included in the previous question.
As a former student of CFISD, I was on the basketball, track, and speech & debate teams as well as being a proud member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and the National Speech & Debate Association (NSDA). I am grateful for such organizations and the excellent education afforded to me by caring faculty and staff that has helped groom me to be the man I am today.

List Cy-Fair organizations in which you currently participate, including offices held.
I am an active member of the Cy-Fair Chamber of Commerce, and I attend Education Workforce Committee meetings. I keep myself abreast of the education in our local community along with giving regular feedback regarding education policies already implemented. Being that I am a former CFISD student, this allows me a unique perspective.

Considering your skills and talents, what positive contribution would you make as a member of the Board of Trustees?
I bring a distinctive point of view to the table that distinguishes me from the other candidates being a product, and recent graduate of CFISD. I feel my strongest contribution is an exceptional perspective and experience having grown up and been educated in this district. I consider myself an “insider” and I love this community. Now, I want to take the investment CFISD made in me and give back by serving as a board member/trustee: full of dedication, honesty, commitment, and integrity. I am youthful, creative, energetic, and eager to get to work!

What are the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees?
Cy-Fair Board of Trustees are the link between communities and school boards ensuring these very schools meet the diverse needs of students and their communities. Trustees are responsible to their communities for the quality of education provided in local schools within an approved financial framework. If these responsibilities are met and exceeded, then I believe the school district will be successful and thrive in all aspects.

What role do positive trustee relations on the Board play in affecting student success?
Positive trustee relations have a great effect in every area of student success. Without it, the success of every single student, teacher, and administrators would be in jeopardy. Working together as a team is the primary component the board must do to benefit the district as a whole and promote growth and opportunity to its students and workers. At my core, I am not only a leader but a team player too. As a trustee, I pledge to ensure that the trustee relations remain positive and do my best to work as a cohesive unit to move this district forward.

What critical challenges face the district, and what are possible solutions to address those issues?
Some of the critical challenges facing the district are equal representation, school safety, and educator benefits. We can ensure positive solutions to the school district’s challenges by focusing and centering ourselves on our mission statement. I think I am the right candidate with fresh ideas to hopefully solve some of these. I’m anxious to roll up my sleeves and put our heads together.