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Term: November 2015-November 2019




Note: The following information was submitted by the candidate in preparation for the school board election.

(Responses as of 08/2016)

Occupation: President, Green River Oil

Spouse: N/A


Heather Katherine Jackson, 36

  • Attorney licensed in Colorado. 
  • Juris Doctor Sturm College of Law, University of Denver, BA UCCS.
  • Attended Lowery ES, Fiest ES and Labay MS.

Thomas Ashley Jackson, 34

  • Architect licensed in Texas. 
  • Master's of Architecture, Sam Fox School of Design, Washington University at St Louis; BA, University of Colorado at Boulder. 
  • Attended Lowery ES, Fiest ES, Labay MS, Cypress Falls HS and graduated from Langham Creek HS.

Lauren Camille Jackson, 30

  • Master of Public Policy, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin
  • Master of Public Health, University of Texas School of Public Health 
  • BA (Summa Cum Laude), the University of Texas at Austin. 
  • Attended Fiest ES, Labay MS and graduated from Langham Creek HS. 

Subdivision: Copperfield

Lived in district: 30 years

Why did you choose to live in CFISD?  

When I was newly married, I chose to live in the charming community of Westbury, served by HISD, and the close proximity to downtown where we were employed. I remembered the reputation of HISD as a premier school district when I was in high school. With the birth of my first child, I began a serious inquiry into the quality of the various school districts and was concerned with the challenges that were facing HISD. My realtor suggested that we look in CFISD. We did and were pleased with the educational quality of the district and moved into Copperfield in 1980.

Are you currently a CFISD volunteer? If so, what school(s)?

Chairperson of the Cy-Fair Community Legislative Committee 2010-2011. I assist in the recognition of outstanding JROTC cadets at all schools.

List your participation in CFISD school and/or district parent clubs, business partnerships and/or committees.

Member of Cy-Fair Leadership/Legislative Committee (2008-2011). Active member of Band Booster Clubs (1996-2004), three years as officer;  Science Olympiad, Amoco Science, V.I.P.S., PTO.  Invited presenter at the New Arrival Center, AVID. and GT program. First president of the Copperfield homeowners association; Leader in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Include any other areas in which you have supported CFISD not included in question (9)(a). 
Prepared LCHS successful application to Grammy Foundation.

List Cy-Fair organizations in which you currently participate, including offices held.

President of HCMUD 163 serving almost twenty years; Copperfield Joint Operations Board, Cy Fair Chamber of Commerce, HSCPA, Past President  of local chapter of the NSSAR; Bear Creek UMC.

Considering your skills and talents, what positive contribution would you make as a member of the Board of Trustees?  

As a C.P.A. with 34 years of experience, I bring analytical skills for review of budgets as well as financial and educational goals.  Having formerly been a teacher and a contributing textbook editor I know the importance of supporting our teachers and students in the classroom.  My experience as a public servant on a MUD Board has taught me the importance of working as a team member to address current concerns and to plan for future challenges and opportunities.

What are the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees?

The primary responsibility is to provide educational leadership for the District and be attuned to the concerns of the community regarding educational and financial issues. In addition, the Trustees must serve both as good stewards of taxpayer dollars and help to ensure that quality education is provided to the children of the district for the benefit of both parents and the community.  The Trustees must plan not just for today, but also for the future.

What role do positive trustee relations on the Board play in affecting student success?

Board members can demonstrate planning and awareness of issues through thoughtful questions and informed comments. Differences of opinions can be expressed in a cordial manner. Students and taxpayers deserve a Board that strives to function as a high performing team.

What critical challenges face the district, and what are possible solutions to address those issues? 

For the past six years, CFISD has been a leader in Texas by proving that more can be done with less even in the face of constant growth and changing demographics. The district continues to be financially challenged which directly impacts the classroom. The possibility of further reductions in state funding looms on the horizon.  Classroom productivity will need enhancement through constant searching for and adherence to best practices, the prudent application of technology, and enhanced support by the community. Revenues can be increased through business community sponsorship and continued effort to persuade state legislators to close the funding gap.