Global Volunteer Requests

Ault ES - Library Help

  • Help needed to shelve books and to organize library shelves.
  • Anytime during the week, but especially the beginning of the week on Monday through Wednesday.
  • Contact Courtney Kaler or 281-373-2815

Francone ES - School Store Help

  • Help needed with assisting students in purchasing a store item with their earned school money
  • Every Wednesday (1st semester until November 15th, 2nd semester until May 16th) during student lunch times. The first lunch is at 11:00 AM and the last lunch is at 1:30 PM.
  • Please contact Ronald Gerac at [email protected] or 281-897-4512.

Hemmenway ES - Library Help

  • Help needed shelving books
  • Anytime of day
  • Contact Michelle Walker or 281-856-9870

Charlotte Burns Science Resource Center 

  • Delivery of supplies and animals between the SRC and the schools.
  • Facilitation of science demos at the schools.
  • Contact the SRC if you are interested.

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