CFISD Campus Energy Education Program

The Mission of the Campus Energy Education Program is to provide substantial savings on energy costs to the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District, resulting in more funds for educational purposes and a positive environmental impact.

Welcome to the CFISD Campus Energy Education Program (CEEP) webpage. Please take some time to explore what the Cy Fair Independent School District is doing to reduce energy consumption.  Working together, we can make a difference.

How it Works

The program’s focus is to create a customized conservation plan for each building, followed by continuous audits and refinements for maximum efficiency.
Energy savings are guaranteed to more than pay for this self-funding program.  Energy costs include electricity, water and gas.

The program does not compromise teaching and learning or safety.  Teachers, students, custodians, principals and maintenance crews all play a critical role in the success of our program.

Savings are realized in two ways: through changing human behavior, such as turning off lights and computer monitors when not in use, and by making changes in system facilities management, such as reduction in equipment run times.


Program Savings Summary

This program was piloted at seven of our campuses in 2013 and was successful in saving over 500,000kWh (kilowatt hours) – a unit for measuring energy consumption.  Based on these results, we anticipate more than $500,000 in savings per year if employees from all campuses and facilities support this program.  The Energy Management Department will play a vital role implementing this program and are dedicated to its success.

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