Are You Growing?

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When I purchased my truck, I rarely noticed the same color and model on the streets of Cypress.  After I made my purchase, I noticed them everywhere! Why? Because I was now focused on it. Whatever we keep top of mind is what we are going to notice and really allow to influence us.

Positive people focus on positive things.  Those who love to fish can talk about it all day.   Those who want to improve and grow, are purposeful.  We focus on what is important to us.

With that said, are you purposeful in your professional growth?  Is it something that matters to you enough that you will put some small strategies in place to help you grow?

With the Internet and all of the available resources out there, it is now easier than ever to focus on your own personal and professional development and growth.  Here are a few resources that you can experiment with. They are all free and most can be used on your smartphone.

Twitter - This is an obvious one that many educators consider.  You don’t use Twitter like other social media channels. Instead, you follow influencers in your space that share out helpful articles, podcasts, videos and information that can help you in your own growth.  You can also participate in Twitter chats like our very own #CFISDchat to focus on specific topics. #CFISDchat happens on Twitter every Monday @ 7:30 p.m. 

RSS Readers - Almost every website has an RSS Feed.  This link allows you to place it in an RSS reader and then go to one place to read the most recent articles from that website.  Doing this means you don’t have to jump around to the sites that offer you value. You only have to visit the RSS Reader and see what is updated.  A free RSS reader is Feedly.  

Podcasts - There are podcasts in almost every interest now, and experts believe the number of podcasts will only increase.  If you’re not familiar with podcasts, think of a radio program/show, just that you get to download to your phone and listen while you are exercising, driving to work or making dinner.  All you need to have is a podcast catcher. There are plenty of free podcast catchers for IOs and Android. After you download them, just search for a specific interest. There are some very popular podcasts on the topic of education and leadership out there.  


The Pocket App - If you don’t have time to sit and read at a computer, but instead rather take articles with you on your smartphone or even listen to articles, you can download the Pocket App to your smartphone.  Most people use the Pocket App as a bookmarking or clipping app. But many don’t realize that it will also read the articles to you (new feature). Like podcasts, this s perfect for those who want to grow professionally, but don’t have the time to sit and read.  


Taking ownership in your own professional and personal growth is your responsibility.  The more you invest in yourself, the more valuable you will be to those you serve. Don’t neglect to take a little bit of time to put some new knowledge inside of you every day.

Todd Sepulveda is the Curriculum Management Systems/iXplore Coordinator for CFISD.


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