Growing Professionally by Listening to Podcasts

Growing Professionally by listening to podcasts


Educators are pulled in so many directions.  Many times, they have to fight to find time to grow professionally.  One way that educators can be proactive and purposeful about their professional growth is to listen to podcasts.

In a recent post by Podcast Insights, quoting new research from June 2019, it was reported that there are over 750,000 podcasts available.  The post also reported that there are over 30 million episodes out there. That’s a lot of content!

But educators who are interested in growing professionally might want to focus on education podcasts or even leadership podcasts.  The great thing is there are many different education podcasts to listen to.

But before we jump to searching out podcasts, we need to answer the question, how do we listen to podcasts?  If educators are busy, they don’t have time to pull-up a podcast on their computer and just sit there while they listen to an audio program!

But educators don’t have to listen to podcasts like that.  Instead, they can listen to podcasts on the move. It is so easy when you add a podcast catcher to your phone and listen while you are exercising, getting ready in the morning or even driving to work.  It’s amazing how easy it is to get a new tip or trick that you can utilize just by listening to a podcast in traffic!

For iOS users, Apple has a built-in podcast catcher.  If you don’t like the native podcast catcher, you can find more in the Apple Store. For Android users, Pocket Cast and Stitcher are two free podcast catchers that you can consider.  There are many more podcast catchers to choose from too!



To get you started in listening to podcasts, here are a few recommended podcasts in the K12 space.

The Cult of Pedagogy is hosted by Jennifer Gonzalez, a former middle school language arts teacher.  She discusses many topics that are relevant to public education as well as featuring many guests.

The Chromebook Classroom Podcast is hosted by John Sowash.  Sowash is a former teacher and principal and focuses his podcasts around helping educators use Chromebooks and Google for Education Apps in the classroom.

The Google Teacher Tribe is run by Matt Miller and Kasey Bell.  They tackle all sorts of topics in a fun and interesting way. They always provide a lot of value and offer suggestions that teachers can start using in their classroom immediately!

You can find many more education podcasts by visiting the Education Podcast Network.  

And don’t forget, find some podcasts in your hobbies or interests.  There are podcasts on almost every topic imaginable. You’ll find something for sure!

Todd Sepulveda is the Curriculum Management Systems Coordinator for Cypress-Fairbanks I.S.D.  Connect with him on Twitter.


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