Outlook and Google Calendars Can Play Nicely Together

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 Have you noticed that you have multiple calendars, and you are constantly flipping back and forth between your Outlook and Google? Do you have your work calendar in Outlook with everything else in Google Calendar and find yourself checking back and forth between them? You find yourself thinking that there has to be a way to merge all calendars together in order to keep track of all of your appointments. Well, you are correct, there is! If you could just have everything on one calendar it would make it so much simpler, right?

With Microsoft Flow you can have all your Outlook appointments copied over to a Google calendar. This Google calendar will act just like any other Google calendar and can be added to your phone, opened on your computer, etc.

Here’s a tutorial to walk you through the steps of setting up your own Microsoft Flow - just make sure you have a Google calendar created for the Outlook information to go into: http://ior.ad/6E7z.

Amanda Campbell is an Instructional Technology Specialist in CFISD.

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