Welcome Back to the 2019 - 2020 School Year

Welcome back!  I hope you had time to rest and rejuvenate and get ready for an incredible year!

 The Instructional Technology Department has been working hard over the summer to launch a new and improved website for you!  Our hope is that you will find lots of great info each week that will help you learn about new, exciting things for your classroom!  One of the new features we’re adding is a weekly blog! The Instructional Technology Team will be blogging away to keep you posted on what’s new in CFISD technology, new tools that you can try (and are already vetted by Cybersecurity), ways to keep yourself safe from hackers and more!   I don’t want to spoil all the fun things we have planned for the blog but here’s a hint...guest bloggers from the folks you love and follow on Twitter!!! Make sure you check back weekly to read our new blog!

If you aren’t following us on Twitter, you should!  Our Twitter handle is @CyFairEdTech and we post and retweet many great ideas that we find from teachers just like you!  We also retweet interesting tips from our featured speakers from the Digital Learning Conference (see below). Following our department as well as other teachers and Tweeters helps you grow your Personal Learning Network (PLN)!  It’s a great way to connect and learn from people all over the world! If you want more info, please contact someone on our team and we’ll be glad to show you what to do!

Another new thing we will be launching this year is “We Saw You Being Techie!”  The @CyFairEdTech team will be watching for great use of technology as a tool to enhance instruction and engage students!  We’ll be leaving a card on your desk letting you know that you were seen! Also, we’ll be featuring different teachers and campuses each month on the website to showcase all the great things being done around the district!  If you want to know more about this, stay tuned to the website or ask anyone on the @CyFairEdTech team!

Lastly,  I wanted to start reminding you now of two big events sponsored yearly by the @CyFairEdTech team!  The Student Technology Festival (soon to be rebranded!) will be held on April 23, 2020 at the Berry Center.  We will be posting more info about the event but we hope you will consider showcasing what your students do every day in your classroom!  These aren’t special projects...just examples of the amazing things you do with your students! The second event is the Digital Learning Conference (DLC) which is held in the summer in July.  There is limited seating, so if you want to attend, start planting the seed with your admin now! We will have key presenters from around the US and Canada as well as local talent (You!) doing presentations.  The feedback we receive each year is overwhelmingly positive! It’s a great learning opportunity right in your own district!

I hope this school year is your best yet!  Please reach out to anyone on the team should you need any help at all!!!

Have a great year!



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