HR - Who to Contact

Questions Regarding your Application:

Department Email Phone
Professional/Administrative [email protected] 281-517-2680


Teacher [email protected] 281-897-4050
Paraprofessional [email protected] 281-897-4189
Substitute [email protected] 281-897-4023
Club Rewind [email protected] 281-807-8077
Transportation [email protected] 346-205-8444
Nutrition Services [email protected] 281-517-6548
Operations [email protected] 281-807-8946
Other Ancillary [email protected] 281-807-8650


Service Records

When requesting a service record, please email the appropriate contact below and provide the following information: the reason you are requesting a service record; last four digits of your social security number; and how you would like to receive the service record (via email, mail, interoffice).

Department Email Phone
Professional/Administrative/Teacher [email protected] 281-897-4048
Paraprofessional [email protected] 281-897-4033
  [email protected] 281-897-4034
All Hourly [email protected] 281-807-8650

Verification of Employment

For Commercial verifications, please contact The Work Number by Equifax® at 1-800-367-5690, or visit The CFISD employer code is 18645.

For Social Services verifications, please contact The Work Number by Equifax® at 1-800-660-3399, or visit The CFISD employer code is 1865.

Insurance and Benefits

Questions and information regarding Insurance and Benefits should be directed to the Insurance Department

Family and Medical Leave:

Find the leave specialist for your campus or department on the Family and Medical Leave webpage.

Compensation for Additional Degrees

Professional employees who have received their Master’s or Doctorate Degree should send their original transcripts to the HR Department at ISC, Suite 217, attention Susan Culp.  Ms. Culp can be reached at [email protected] or 281-897-4083.

Teacher’s Retirement System (TRS):  

Please visit the TRS website for information regarding your TRS account or contact TRS directly at 1-800-223-8778.


Visit the Retirement page for more information regarding retirement, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


Visit the Resignations page more information regarding resigning from the District.

Employee Badges:

Please contact the Badging Office at [email protected] or 281-897-1364.

Loan Forgiveness: 

Loan Forgiveness forms can be sent to Donna Schmitt at ISC, Suite 217.  Questions regarding loan forgiveness can be directed to Ms. Schmitt at [email protected], or 281-897-4048.


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