Course List

CFISD Courses Requiring Face-to-Face Instruction

All courses are available to both on-campus and CFISD Connect students who meet the required pre-requisites.  The nature of some courses may require in-person instruction and demonstration of skills.

CFISD Connect students will have access to the courses listed below through online instruction and face-to-face instruction/activities outside of the school day and/or on Saturdays at a limited number of high school sites. Students will be required to participate in face-to-face sessions/work-study to meet course credit requirements.  Health and safety guidelines limit the number of seats available.  Information regarding the specific face-to-face time commitments will be available soon.

Advanced Culinary Arts
Advanced Floral Design
Agricultural Equipment Design & Fabrication
Agricultural Mechanics and Metal technologies
Audio/Video Production II
Automotive Technology I
Automotive Technology II
Construction Technology I
Construction Technology II
Commercial Foods
Cosmetology I
Cosmetology II
Culinary Arts
Digital Electronics K ARC
Diversified Manufacturing I
Diversified Manufacturing II
Fashion Design II
Introduction to Cosmetology
Manufacturing Engineering Technology K ARC
Plumbing I (blocked with Project-based Plumbing)
Plumbing II
Practicum in Ag, Food, and Natural Resources (work-based)
Practicum in Animation (work-based)
Practicum in Architectural Design (work-based)
Practicum in Business Management I/II (work-based)
Practicum in Construction Technology (work-based)
Practicum in Culinary Arts (work-based)
Practicum in Health Science (certification or work-based)
Practicum in Information Technology (work-based)
Practicum in Manufacturing (work-based)
Practicum in Marketing I/II (work-based)
Practicum in STEM (work-based)
Practicum in Transportation Systems (work-based)
Precision Metal Manufacturing I
Precision Metal Manufacturing II
Principles of Cosmetology Design & Color Theory
Principles of Manufacturing
Project-based Research in Ag (Ag Mech Focus)
Project-based Research in Fashion Design
Robotics II K
Veterinary Medical Applications
Vocational Adjustment Class (VAC)
Welding I
Welding II

The following courses will require face-to-face sessions if a student does not have access to a digital camera.  A cell phone will not satisfy the course requirements.

Art I Photography
Art II Photography
Art III Photography
Art IV Photography
AP Art Photography


CFISD Courses with Physical Education Substitution Option

All fine arts requirements for the following courses will be completed virtually through the CFISD Connect platform.  Students who wish to receive the PE substitution must participate in after school practices and performances.  These activities will be held in accordance with guidelines from UIL, state and local authorities.

Drill Team
Marching Band

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