Academy Sports + Outdoors donates equipment, supplies to 4 CFISD elementary schools

October 1, 2020

Academy donations to CFISD schoolsAcademy Sport + Outdoors representatives delivered donations to four CFISD elementary schools in late September worth $15,250. Among the schools were Francone Elementary School. Francone Principal Melissa Martin, second from left, is joined by, from left, Bevin Gordon, CFISD director of marketing and business relations, Kaci Hancock, Academy senior regional marketing specialist, and store representatives Shawn Bennett and Adrianna Ruiz.

Oct. 1, 2020—Business partner Academy Sports + Outdoors provided generous donations to four CFISD schools, as representatives visited Danish, Francone, Hairgrove and Owens elementary schools in late September with gifts worth $15,250.

On Sept. 24, representatives delivered assorted sports equipment, games, shirts, neck gaiters to Hairgrove and Owens. In addition, each campus received a $1,000 gift card.

“It’s just a blessing to have this to supplement for our kids,” Owens Principal Amy Frank said. “We’re all on the same team of helping kids to be successful. It takes everyone working together and we’re thankful.”

1001 Academy donations 2 WEB.jpgKaci Hancock, Academy Sports + Outdoors senior regional marketing specialist, poses with Owens Elementary School Principal Amy Frank after the business partner donated a $1,000 gift card, assorted sports equipment, games, shirts, neck gaiters to the campus.

1001 Academy donations 3 WEB.jpgHairgrove Elementary School Principal Michelle Lee, center, poses with Academy Sports + Outdoors store director Yisel Ockey, left, and Kaci Hancock, senior regional marketing specialist, after the business partner donated a $1,000 gift card, assorted sports equipment, games, shirts, neck gaiters to the campus.

Said Hairgrove Principal Michelle Lee: The kids are going to love the new equipment and everything we’re going to be able to get them. It does take a village to help kids because it’s not just us. It takes us and the community working together, from the parents to the businesses to the community partners. It’s a team effort.

On Sept. 28, Academy representatives delivered 300 backpacks, 300 water bottles each to Danish and Francone. Each campus also received shirts as well.

“That was so generous for them to do that, especially the water bottles,” Danish Principal Kelly Dalton said. “We’ve had more and more kids that are coming in with needs or how don’t have money for extras. So, we’re thankful for everybody at Academy to donate, get these out to our kids and be able to bless our families.”

Said Francone Principal Melissa Martin: “It’s very helpful to be able to provide students with backpacks and water bottles, and supplement what their families may or may not have been able to provide during this time, so we are grateful to be to provide our kids with that thanks to Academy.”

For more information on making a donation to CFISD, contact Bevin Gordon, director of marketing and business relations, at 281-894-3950 or [email protected]

1001 Academy donations 4 WEB.jpgDanish Elementary School and Academy Sports + Outdoors representatives poses with 300 backpacks and 300 water bottles. The business partner donated to four CFISD elementary schools, with the generous gifts totaling $15,250.

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