Airbrush artist, Andre’ librarian offer unique reading experience

May 20, 2017

0520 Andre Art 1.jpg
Andre’ Elementary School third-grade students watch and listen as airbrush artist Joseph Eberhardt recreates a scene from The Tale of Despereaux as Andre’ librarian Shelli Mangum reads the book at the campus on May 18.

May 20, 2017—Reading was brought to life for third-grade students at Andre’ Elementary School on May 18 as artist Joseph Eberhardt airbrushed scenes from the classic children’s book, The Tale of Despereaux, as Andre’ librarian Shelli Mangum read aloud to the audience.

Eberhardt's artistry and acute attention to detail in conjunction with Mangum's instinctual knack for storytelling made it a memorable experience for all who attended.

Students’ comments included, “Is he Picasso?,” That painting is amazing! It makes me want to read the book!,” “What happens next? Does [Despereaux] get sent to the dungeon?,” and “Oh cool! An airbrush guy!”

0520 Andre Art 2.jpg
Airbrush artist Joseph Eberhardt displays his finished airbrush painting of Despereaux that he made for Andre’ third-grade students on May 18. 

Copies of the book were available to purchase for $6 apiece so students could continue reading the story on their own.

“This endeavor was designed to inspire students’ interest in art in connection with excellent children’s literature,” Mangum said.

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