Anniversary committee announces 75 influential honorees

April 9, 2014

April 9, 2014—The Cypress-Fairbanks ISD 75th Anniversary honoree designation committee announced this week its list of the 75 influential honorees who have impacted “Our Children, Our Schools, Our Community”—the 75th Anniversary slogan—throughout the district’s history.

The 75th Anniversary Honorees will be formally recognized at the Diamond Jubilee, scheduled for Aug. 9 at the Berry Center, which will serve as the launching point for CFISD’s 75th school year, 2014-2015.

Nominations for the honorees were accepted through Jan. 31, 2014, after which time the honoree designation committee spent months researching the honorees and narrowing down a list of 75 who met one or more of the following criteria:

  • made significant contributions to the district, positively affecting students, schools, and/or the community;
  • performed assigned job admirably, but specific accomplishments set this nominee apart from others who also did their jobs well;
  • changed and/or improved the district through creation of a new program or way of conducting business;
  • solved problems, resulting in enduring benefits to students, schools and/or the community; and
  • is considered a real “game changer.”

“Singling out 75 honorees proved to be an extremely difficult task,” said committee-co-chair Dr. Cheryl Salyards, namesake of Salyards Middle School. “While none of us has a full 75-year perspective of the district, the committee used each nominee’s information and the guiding principles to establish the 75th Anniversary Honorees. In the end, these 75 individuals, groups or organizations will serve as representatives for thousands of people who have made important contributions to the mission of CFISD.”

The 75th Anniversary honoree designation committee congratulates the following 75 individuals, groups or organizations on influencing “Our Children, Our Schools, Our Community” for the better:

  1. B.F. Adam, Les Sebek, Jack Emmott and Chester Telge, 1954 Trustees;

  2. Robert Adam, longest-serving trustee of the Cy-Fair Educational Foundation (CFEF);

  3. Mary Ellayne Adams, Ollie Byrd, Janice Boozer, Alvera Caldwell, Bernice Fiest, Willie Gibbs, Doris Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Erie Jones, Estelle Kimble, LaFaye Lee, Beatrice Redden, Marvin Richards, Isiah Spikes, Sammie Thompson, Losie Walker, Herman Westbrook, Carverdale transition leaders and advocates for students during desegregation in the 1970’s;

  4. Gloria Anderson, at-risk teacher;

  5. Woodie Andre’, former teacher and principal;

  6. Dr. David Anthony, former superintendent;

  7. Jan Aragon, former teacher and principal;

  8. Mr. Forrest & Mrs. Mary Arnold, former agricultural instructor and Cy-Fair High School dean of women, respectively;

  9. J.F. Bane, former 25-year trustee for Fairbanks;

  10. Ramona Bang, first-ever bookkeeper;

  11. Rev. W.M. Batts, former Carverdale High School principal;

  12. Rick Berry, former superintendent;

  13. Dr. Arlys Bing, former Cy-Fair High School team doctor;

  14. Debbie Blackshear, community leader and district advocate;

  15. Dr. Karl Bleyl, former teacher and science coordinator and co-founder of CFEF;

  16. Jennabeth Bogard, former teacher and director of instructional technology and math coordinator;

  17. Fred Caldwell, local developer and community leader;

  18. Bud Campbell, former trustee;

  19. Bill Copeland, former tax assessor and collector;

  20. Cy-Fair Educational Foundation, student scholarship foundation established in 1970;

  21. Cy-Hope, community nonprofit benefiting economically disadvantaged students;

  22. Dr. Thomas DeBauche, local cardiologist;

  23. Dr. Peggy Duryea, former teacher and assistant to the superintendent and associate superintendent;

  24. Barbara Fine, former teacher and principal;

  25. John Fox, Cy-Fair Houston Chamber of Commerce leader and district supporter;

  26. Jewel Hairgrove, former teacher and director of guidance and counseling;

  27. Opal Hamilton, former teacher and assistant superintendent of special education;

  28. T.S. Hancock, former superintendent;

  29. George Hopper, former teacher, principal, director of athletics;

  30. Houston Cy-Fair Lions Club, nonprofit providing student eye care since 1957;

  31. Jane Humphreys, former teacher and implementer of Boys Town principles and Building Better Relationships;

  32. Jan Jones, former director of health services;

  33. Pat Jones, former teacher and art coordinator;

  34. Wanda Jowell, former trustee;

  35. Kay Killough, first open-concept school principal (Matzke);

  36. Allen Labay, former superintendent;

  37. Diana Marion, first bilingual teacher and former curriculum coordinator;

  38. Adelle McClendon, former teacher and gifted/talented program coordinator;

  39. Patti McFee, former director of human resource systems;

  40. Butch Milks, the “voice of Cy-Fair” and long-time district supporter;

  41. E.A. Millsap, first superintendent of consolidated school district;

  42. Darcy Mingoia, trustee, volunteer and community leader;

  43. Dr. John Ogletree Jr., trustee and community leader;

  44. Lida Woodul, Terry Newcomer, Alton Frailey, William O’Brien, Don Ryan, Al Martinez and Lou Bertoli, recipients of 2002 Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) Outstanding Board of the Year;

  45. Sharon Parham, former teacher and coordinator of Northwest Harris County Cooperative for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing;

  46. Joan Postma, former teacher and technology director;

  47. Ken Pridgeon, former coach and director of athletics;

  48. Harold Rowe, former associate superintendent of technology and school services;

  49. John Scarcella, former teacher and director of secondary music;

  50. Edwin Schroeder, former teacher, counselor and CFEF donor;

  51. Robbie Sheridan, former teacher, principal and unofficial leader of elementary principals;

  52. Donna Shrake, former teacher, counselor and director of public relations;

  53. Madgelene Snell, long-time Carverdale teacher;

  54. Carolyn Spillane, former teacher and assistant superintendent for secondary instruction;

  55. Roy Sprague, associate superintendent for facilities, planning and construction;

  56. Ed Station, first district partner to adopt a school – Francone Elementary School;

  57. Deanna Swenke, former teacher and associate superintendent of curriculum and instruction;

  58. John Taylor, CFTV coordinator;

  59. Suzanne Thompson, former teacher, principal and kindergarten leader;

  60. Don Thornton, former superintendent;

  61. Dixie Thornton, former teacher and coordinator of libraries;

  62. Dr. Diane Troyer, first president of Lone Star College – CyFair;

  63. Ronnie Truitt, former Cy-Fair High School basketball coach and Jersey Village High School principal;

  64. Bobbie Warner, former teacher, counselor and director of testing;

  65. Carlos Watkins, former Cy-Fair High School principal, mentor and model for all secondary principals;

  66. Marvin Webster, former teacher and principal;

  67. Dr. Pam Wells, former teacher and associate superintendent;

  68. Terry Wheeler, community leader and district advocate;

  69. Mr. T.A. “Bubba” Willbern, former associate superintendent for personnel;

  70. Betty Willis, former teacher and assistant superintendent for elementary instruction;

  71. Peggy Wilson, former secretary to the deputy superintendent;

  72. Tommye Wolverton, former leader in the parent volunteer effort and trustee;

  73. Sadie Woodard, former teacher and assistant superintendent for guidance and counseling;

  74. Gene Zaboroski, community spokesman and unofficial representative; and

  75. Joseph Zepczyk, former director of food services.

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