Board calls for bond election on May 4

February 11, 2019

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In a unanimous vote, the CFISD Board of Trustees approved calling a bond election for May 4, 2019, during its regularly scheduled meeting on Feb. 11.

Feb. 11, 2019—The CFISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved calling a bond election for May 4, 2019, during its regularly scheduled meeting on Feb. 11. The $1,762,000,000 bond package, as recommended by a community long-range planning committee, is anticipated to meet the following needs for CFISD through the year 2025: instructional and support facilities; safety and security; transportation; technology; and facilities renovations and additions.

Chaired by community member Julie Hinaman, the long-range planning committee featured broad-based geographic, ethnic and age representation by 50 members located throughout the Cypress-Fairbanks community. The committee met for seven weeks throughout November-January to develop a long-range plan recommendation that:

  • considers the educational needs of students;
  • provides a solution for the new facility and transportation needs precipitated by the district’s growth;
  • provides a solution for facility renovations, security modifications, technology and technology infrastructure needs;
  • ensures support for a quality education for all students;
  • reflects community values and perceptions of needs; and
  • is fiscally sound.

The long-range planning committee presented a bond package recommendation for the following district needs:

  • Instructional and support facilities ($258,208,345), including:
    • a new elementary school (No. 59) and a new middle school (No. 20);
    • a center for visual and performing arts;
    • a maintenance storage facility; and
    • an instructional support center.
  • Safety and security enhancements ($207,656,706) including:
    • security for open-concept floor plans in elementary schools;
    • impact-resistant glass on doors and high-traffic areas;
    • fencing around portable buildings and playgrounds;
    • metal detectors;
    • upgraded intrusion detection panels and door prop alarms; and
    • new police vehicles and radios;
  • Transportation ($88,162,655) including:
    • a 12-year bus replacement schedule;
    • buses to accommodate student growth;
    • a new northwest transportation center; and
    • replacement of existing GPS hardware;
  • Technology ($238,980,763) including:
    • replacement cycle of classroom technology;
    • classroom technology and technology infrastructure to accommodate student growth;
    • wireless devices for classroom technology;
    • elementary large-group sound systems; and
    • special education technology; and
  • Facilities renovations and additions ($968,991,531) including:
    • additions to the CFISD Exhibit Center and Westgreen Ag-Science Center;
    • relocation of the Maybelline Carpenter Center;
    • repurpose of the old Windfern campus and addition to the new Windfern campus;
    • career and technical education (CTE) additions including new welding, HVAC and culinary arts classrooms;
    • fine arts enhancements including expansion of art and music rooms, black box theater additions and renovations, orchestra rehearsal space and storage and band director towers;
    • athletics enhancements including renovation of baseball and softball fields and additional tennis courts; and
    • Cy-Fair High School multi-campus site drainage and traffic remediation.

The projected impact on the Interest and Sinking (I&S), or debt service tax rate (currently 40 cents per $100 of property valuation), would result in an incremental change of up to $0.03 over a seven-year period. Using a home valued at $200,000 as an example, this would equate to a maximum annual I&S tax increase of $40.50 by the year 2025. There would be no tax increase for individuals who are 65 years of age or older or who are disabled and who qualify for an over-65 homestead exemption according to Texas Property Tax Code Section 11.26. 

A detailed presentation of the long-range planning committee’s recommendation to the Board of Trustees can be found on the district website.

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