Bridgeland HS AP class partners with students in Life Skills program

May 22, 2019

0523 AP Chem 1.jpg
Bridgeland High School freshman Devonnie Mitchell, left, and junior Victoria Shirk see if a penny will hold more drops of water or soap during an experiment created by AP Chemistry students.

May 22, 2019— Bridgeland High School AP Chemistry students created and peer taught practical and relevant science experiments to classmates in the school’s Life Skills program May 21.  

Dr. Elizabeth Braun’s AP Chemistry students constructed 15 different experiments for Emily Posch’s Life Skills classes, ranging from learning about static electricity to making lava lamps in beakers using oil and water. “It was one of the most magical teaching moments of my career,” Braun said. “I am still so impressed and proud of how hard my students worked after their AP test to write and put together these labs. The joy on everyone’s face was infectious and priceless.”

0523 AP Chem 2.jpg
Bridgeland High School juniors, from left, Samuel Holub, Jarrett Kinsey and Zach Weaver, measure materials needed for an experiment created by AP Chemistry students.

The partnership between Dr. Braun’s class and Posch’s class started last year, when Dr. Braun invited some of Posch’s students into her integrated physics and chemistry class to do a few experiments. When Dr. Braun learned she would be teaching AP Chemistry this year, she immediately knew she wanted to partner with Posch’s class again.

“This gave my students the ability to be the ‘experts’ in the room and teach their peers, which shows true mastery of the material, and it allowed her students to interact with their peers and be taught the information from a new perspective,” Braun said. “We are already planning how we can tweak this year’s plan to be even better for next year.”

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