CFISD Student of the Week: Dioryon Johnson

April 4, 2017

Student of the Week Dioryon Johnson

April 4, 2017— Bleyl Middle School sixth-grade student Dioryon Johnson earns top grades and enjoys performing with Bleyl’s boys’ step team, The Formula. An active member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Johnson volunteered his time to work in the basketball concessions stand to raise money to help other students earn scholarships to the FCA middle school retreat. The reading and language arts enthusiast cherishes time with family and aspires to own his own business.

School: Bleyl Middle School

Age: 12

Grade: 6

Accomplishments: Earns A’s and B’s each marking period; active member of FCA; active member of The Formula, the boys’ step team at Bleyl.

Favorite class: Language Arts and reading. “It is very involving and exciting to attend.”

Favorite things to do after class: After-school activities such as step team, tutoring and different clubs.

Favorite song: Sky Fulls of Stars by Coldplay

Favorite website: Steam. “It has some pretty good computer games and puzzles.”

Favorite TV show: Full House. “It’s a show that has some pretty good life lessons and humor in it.”

Favorite movie: Bridge to Terabithia. “It’s a very imaginative movie. Even though it has sad parts in it, it is still great.”

Ambition: “In the future I’d like to be successful in owning a company, but I’m not so sure what kind of organization I am going to have.”

What topics/things are you passionate about? “I’m passionate about maybe skipping a grade, if that can even happen, because my parents always tell me to ‘meet my goal’ or ‘go above and beyond.’”

What inspires you? “The goals I reach inspire me to do what I do, but it all starts off with my parents.”

What three things can’t you live without? Success, pride, my parents and family.

What are you most looking forward to this year? Passing with straight A’s. “I’ve been praying for them and asking God to help me.”

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