CFISD Student of the Week: Karen Hoang

October 23, 2017

Karen Hoang

Oct. 23, 2017—Watkins Middle School seventh-grader Karen Hoang excels not only in the classroom, where she made the A/B honor roll every six weeks in sixth grade, but also in her extracurricular activities, including her time performing with Watkins chamber orchestra.

School: Watkins Middle School

Age: 12

Grade: 7

Accomplishments: Hoang’s extracurricular activities include participating on the Watkins volleyball team as well as excelling in the chamber orchestra where she plays cello. She earned the distinguished orchestra award beginning strings in the sixth grade.

Favorite class: “My favorite class is orchestra because I love expressing myself through music.”

Favorite things to do after class: “I enjoy playing music with my sister and spending time with her. I also enjoy baking and volunteering at my church as an alter server.”

Favorite website: YouTube. “I like to watch instructional baking videos.”

Favorite TV show: Once Upon a Time. “I can relate to all the fairy tales.”

Favorite move: Frozen. “It’s my favorite movie because of the sisterly love that is portrayed throughout the movie.”

Ambition: “To end hatred in the world by working with others as a future nun.”

What topics/things are you passionate about?: “My passion is to play the cello and express myself through music. I am also very passionate about my faith.”

What inspires you?: “I am inspired to help others who have experienced a form of injustice. Helping others feel accepted is important to me.”

What three things can’t you live without?: “My family, food and music.”

What are you most looking forward to this semester?: “Becoming a better volleyball player and cello player.”


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