CFISD Student of the Week: Rosa Maria Franco

May 28, 2019

CFISD Student of the Week: Rosa Maria Franco

May 28, 2019—Langham Creek High School senior Rosa Maria Franco, who is graduating from the school’s VITAL program, has participated in the Special Olympics for 10 years in swimming, basketball, track and field, volleyball and bowling, and won the Taylor Rhule Scholarship for her continued sports participation.

School: Langham Creek High School

Age: 21

Grade: 12

Accomplishments: Franco is part of the Ice Skating Special Program in Northwest Houston and the Special Olympics, where she’s excelled in multiple sports. She was a member of the Langham Creek JV swim team, where she earned a special medal at the annual swim meet at Spring Branch ISD’s Memorial High School.

Favorite class: Mr. Young’s class because I can learn about money and the news on the class computers. I can use calculators to add numbers.

Favorite things to do after class: “I love to go to ‘Game Days’ with my PALS and dance with SPARKS club parties. It is very fun.”

Favorite song: “A Whole New World from Aladdin.”

Favorite website: “Netflix and YouTube where I can watch funny videos and movies.”

Favorite TV show:Hannah Montana because she is very cool. I love the characters and watching her sing.”

Favorite movie:Incredibles 2 because I like the family being together.”

Ambition: “Go to college. I want to work with animals when I grow up. I also want to help students at school.”

What topics/things are you passionate about?: “I really like watching movies. My favorites are romantic movies.”

What inspires you?: “Love inspires me. I really want to get married one day.”

What three things can’t you live without?: “Family, friends and a good meal. They fill me with love and fill my belly.”

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