Class of 2019 graduates celebrate $566,000 in CFEF scholarships

August 9, 2019

Class of 2019 graduates celebrate $566,000 in CFEF scholarships

Cypress Creek High School alumna and past Cy-Fair Educational Foundation Scholarship recipient Lisa Stewart addresses the crowd at the 2019 C-Fair Educational Foundation Scholarship Reception, held Aug. 6 at the Berry Center.

Aug. 9, 2019—More than 120 Cypress-Fairbanks ISD graduates celebrated earning scholarships valued at $566,000 at the Cy-Fair Educational Foundation (CFEF) 2019 Scholarship Reception on Aug. 6 at the Berry Center.

The CFEF, which has awarded more than $9 million in scholarships to more than 2,000 CFISD graduates since its inception in 1970, welcomed families of the 122 recipients to the annual event.

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The 2019 Cy-Fair Educational Foundation Scholarship Reception, held Aug. 6 at the Berry Center, allowed scholarship recipients and donors and mentors to meet face to face, as was the case for Debbie Blackshear, CFISD Board of Trustees member and recent Cypress Creek High School graduate Alejandro Vasquez (left) and Cypress Woods High School graduate Rebecca Lee.

The Class of 2019 CFEF scholarships were comprised of 49 Schroeder Scholarships for future Lone Star College-CyFair students and 73 endowed scholarships.

The reception allowed donors and mentors to meet with scholarship recipients, putting a face with the name on each side and helping start mentor-mentee relationships.

For Cy-Fair High School alumna Haley Boatcallie, who was awarded the Eric Bassett Memorial Scholarship, meeting Eric Basset Sr. was significant.

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The 2019 Cy-Fair Educational Foundation Scholarship Reception, held Aug. 6 at the Berry Center, allowed scholarship recipients and donors and mentors to meet face to face. The mixer has begun mentor-mentee relationships throughout the years.

“The fact that his son gets to carry on this legacy and they’re helping students means a lot,” said Boatcallie, who plans to study nursing at Texas A&M University. “They picked me out of all the students they could have picked. I’ve always wanted to go into health care but I wasn’t sure that I would be able to afford it. But because of this, I’ll be able to go straight to my dream school.”

For one guest speaker and past scholarship recipient, the CFEF was much more than aid for higher education. Earning a scholarship help set a path for Lisa Stewart, a 1982 Cypress Creek High School graduate who returned to CFISD upon graduating from the University of Texas. She has served as an educator in the district for 33 years.

“The foundation meant so much to my family when I was wanting to pursue one of my dreams and the financial support was very helpful,” Stewart said. “When both of my parents passed away, we had money donated to the foundation. Both were in education and it was a family passion. What the foundation is doing helps so many students and enables them to reach their dreams.”

James VanSteenhouse, the founder of InterLinc Mortgage Services who survived a grizzly bear attack while on a 2015 hunting trip, offered the keynote address. The VanSteenhouse Family Foundation awards two $32,000 scholarships and has awarded five in the last three years.

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The 2019 Cy-Fair Educational Foundation Scholarship Reception honored 122 recipients, who shared more than $566,000 in scholarship awards. Foundation chairman Keith Grothaus welcomes the honorees, donors and their families.

“The night is about a lot of things,” said Keith Grothaus, CFEF chairman. “It’s a celebration. We celebrate the recipients of the scholarships and we give them the opportunity to come and learn a little bit more about the foundation.”

The following students earned 2019 CFEF scholarships:

Oluwatomisin Adebayo

Jibran Ahmed

Esha Ali

Ian Allen

Jennifer Arroyo

Emily Ayala

Oluwanifemi Ayodele-Esho

Hanna Bae

Yvette Barrera

Yasir Basit

Sarah Basith

Isaiah Beathley

Haley Boatcallie

Cailey Bowles

Theresa Breeding

Lilly Brower

Jacob Brown

Steven Callahan

Emily Callejas

Martina Castro

Ashley Chavez

Sofia Chavez

Victoria Ciccia

Jordan Clemmer

Katherine Coreas

Crystal Costa

Claudia Covington

Georgia Craig

JC Crespo-Alvarado

Hugo De La Garza Jr.

Olivia Delaune

Marisa Delgado

Madeline Fatsura

Derek Finke

Steve Finke

Alec Francis

Meghan Franks

Maria Jose Gabarrón

Kathia Garcia

Samaira Maria Garcia

Arianna Garza

Taylor Gee

Skye George

Faris Ghandour

Arianna Gomez

William Gomez

Cruz Gracia

Maryn Gresell

Brayan Gutierrez

Miah Hamilton

Bishoy Hanna

Sydney Harjo

Sana Hasan

Mohammad Rayyan Hasan

Allen Hernandez

Cristobel Herrera

Cameron Honeycutt

Olivia Hoppe

Stephanie Hurtado

Uri-El Jackson

Ivory James

Meghan Jiang

Hugo Juarez

Harsharndeep Kaur

Kathryn Laredo

Jonathan Le

Long Le

Rebecca Le

Noemi Lopez

Sara Loubani

Brigit Machlab

Aaliyah Marigny

Emma Matson

Mark Matthews

Camilla McIver

Mariana Medina

Michelle Moreno

Cregory Ewart

Nishat Nabi

Alejandro Narez

Tu uyen Nguyen

Quynh Nguyen

Joann Nguyen

Michael Thuan Nguyen

Ryan O’Leary

Jessica Omokheyeke

Karla Ortiz

Kasandra Osorio

Ethan Pham

Vi Pham

Phuong Phan

Kennedi Quiett

Manahil Rajput

Josselinne Reyes

Jasmine Rios

Yadira Rivas

Gabriela Rodas

Kayla Eileen Rodriguez

Katerin Rodriguez

Marilyn Rubio

Itzelle Ruiz

Wendy Ruiz

Makenna Samples

Shravya Satish

Abby Shelenhamer

Yvette Silva

Sarah Simmons

Gabriela Sims-Padron

Natalie Solis

Mikayla Spadafora

Bailee Sparks

Amanda Stringer

Kayla Theall

Katelyn Tran

Bao Han Tran

Jireh Unruh

Isabella Valadez

Fernanda Varela

Alejandro Vasquez

Mariah Vasquez

Daisy Stefanie Vieyra

Vi Vo

Blake White

Valeria Zambrano



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