Cypress Lakes educator gains attention for artwork

March 10, 2015


After showcasing her artwork in a display in Austin, Cypress Lakes High School art teacher Lee Ann Carrier will debut a solo show at the Esperson Gallery on April 11 and co-star in the Neiman Catley documentary series, Intertwined. (Photo courtesy Neiman Catley)

March 10, 2015—Cypress Lakes High School art teacher Lee Ann Carrier will showcase her professional artwork in a number of mediums and venues over the next month.

Carrier’s artwork was on display March 10 in the “Art Salon” gallery at Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, where Sen. Rodney Ellis was acknowledged during the fourth annual Art of Leadership dinner.

The Art of Leadership series honors community, civic and business leaders who make a notable impact on the arts in Houston and Texas.

“Being a part of that gallery was an absolute honor,” Carrier said. “The thought makes me smile because just a year ago I couldn’t imagine this happening.”

Carrier will then debut her solo art show, New Tribe, at the Esperson Gallery at GreenStreet (1201 Fannin Street) on Saturday, April 11 at 6 p.m.

New Tribe is the result of Carrier researching tribal women throughout the globe, then recreating and reimagining concepts of womanhood, beauty and strength to assemble a new “modern tribe” of women, according to a press release. After sketching their images on brown paper bags, Carrier enhanced each image to showcase what is unique and beautiful about a culture and its women. Using mixed media techniques and materials, including water color, acrylic, recycled found paper and wood, her blended work represents of the resilience and diversity of tribal women all around the world.

“To build a body of work to create a solo show, gain the following and really get my name out there has taken years,” Carrier said. “As my solo show approaches, I’m getting more anxious because it’s all of my personal work that I have been creating for months in secret, and now I’m exposing my work for the first time to a large crowd.”

The opening will also feature the premiere of the first part of a six-part documentary, Intertwined, by Neiman Catley, showcasing the work and creative process of Carrier and other Houston artists. The trailer for the film is available online.

“The documentary blows my mind,” Carrier said. “My art, my life as an artist and an educator is being highlighted, and I am so blessed to have this amazing opportunity.”

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