High school students win awards in journalism contest

June 10, 2017

0610 Press Women 1.jpg
Jersey Village student Iliana Ramirez earned an honorable mention in the News or Feature Photo category of the National Federation of Press Women High School Journalism Contest for Serenading His Sibling. (Photo by Iliana Ramirez, Jersey Village HS)

June 10, 2017—Students from Cy-Fair, Cypress Woods and Jersey Village high schools won several awards in the National Federation of Press Women (NFPW) / Press Women of Texas High School Journalism Contest.

Students entered different projects that were used in various student publications in the 2015-2016 school year. The awards were highlighted by three national winners from Cy-Fair High School and one from Jersey Village High School.

0610 Press Women 2.jpg
Jersey Village student Sebastian Cordero won first place in the Press Women of Texas High School Journalism Contest for his Yearbook Photo entry, Strike Out. (Photo by Sebastian Cordero, Jersey Village HS)

“I am constantly amazed about the quality of the high school entries we receive every year,” said Kathie Magers, Press Women of Texas contest chair. “Many of them would fit right into any professional news media outlet in the state. The success of the Cypress-Fairbanks’ students in our competition speaks to the great work by the journalism advisers in CFISD.”

The following students placed in the NFPW competition:

  • Cy-Fair student Nicole Shair earned a first-place award in the Environment category for The World is Ending, and We’re Going with it;
  • Cy-Fair student Lauryn Walker earned a first-place award in the Single-Page Layout category for Kenny with the Shirts;
  • Cy-Fair student Rachel Story earned a third-place award in the Yearbook Copywriting category for Junior finds his passion in film; and
  • Jersey Village student Iliana Ramirez earned an honorable mention in the News or Feature Photo category for Serenading His Sibling.

The following students placed first, second, third or received honorable mention in the Press Women of Texas statewide competition:

0610 Press Women 3.jpg
Cy-Fair senior Hunter Woods’ photo, Golf, won honorable mention in the Yearbook Photo category of the NFPW yearly journalism contest. (Photo by Hunter Woods, Cy-Fair HS)

First-place winners

  • Nicole Shair, Cy-Fair – Environment (The World is Ending, and We’re Going with it);
  • Rachel Story, Cy-Fair – Yearbook Copywriting (Junior finds passion in film);
  • Lauryn Walker, Cy-Fair – Single-Page Layout (Kenny with the Shirts);
  • Sebastian Cordero, Jersey Village – Yearbook Photo (Strike Out);
  • Lin Vu, Jersey Village – Cartooning (Protesting Private Privileges); and
  • Iliana Ramirez, Jersey Village – News or Feature Photo (Serenading His Siblings).

Second-place winners

  • Alexandria White, Cy-Fair
    • o Single-Page Layout (Stockton for College); and
    • o Opinion (Badge of Dishonor);
  • Jack Phillips, Cy-Fair – Columns or Blogs (Jack Phillips: An Inside Look Into the Final Frontier);
  • Jacob Grumulaitis, Cy-Fair
    • o Sports Story (Nothing but Nneka); and
    • o Opinion (Whoa, Chill);
  • Madi Christian, Cy-Fair – Opinion (Cypress: To Stay or Not to Stay);
  • Bri Gonzalez, Cy-Fair – Opinion (The Ghost of Bri’s Past);
  • Danyel’la Johnson, Cy-Fair
    • o Opinion (Lazy Panel?); and
    • o Cartooning (The Racey of the Century Art);
  • Wafa Kazmi, Cy-Fair
    • o Opinion (Lights, Camera, Actual Representation); and
    • o Single-Page Layout (Houston Horror Page);
  • Blake Nall, Cy-Fair – Opinion (Turned on for Turn Signals);
  • Lauryn Walker, Cy-Fair
    • o Opinion (Gender Roles); and
    • o Opinion (United we Kneel);
  • Claire Mynatt, Cy-Fair – Editorial (A Baseless and Blatant Overreach);
  • Hunter Woods, Cy-Fair – Yearbook Layout (Pop Culture);
  • Emme Enojado, Cy-Fair – Double-Truck Layout (Into the Badlands);
  • Nicole Shair, Cy-Fair – Review (Gotta Catch ’Em All);
  • Claire Smith, Cypress Woods – Yearbook Layout (Yearbook Spread 1);
  • Hannah Nicolaisen, Cypress Woods – Opinion (White Noise);
  • Matthew Ramos, Cypress Woods – Opinion (More than the money);
  • Odalys Delgado, Jersey Village – Yearbook Copywriting (A New Look);
  • Damaris De León, Jersey Village
    • o Yearbook Photo (Final Walk); and
    • o Yearbook Photo (Snap Shots);
  • Damaris De León, Mimi Chhun and Sebastian Cordero, Jersey Village – Yearbook Layout (Color Guard);
  • Gabriella Gladney, Jersey Village – Yearbook Photo (Power Up);
  • Lesly Ventura, Jersey Village – Yearbook Photo (Christmas Time);
  • Cade Schaudel, Jersey Village – Single-Page Layout (Not Just an Act);
  • Emmilyne Thomas, Jersey Village – Single-Page Layout (The Things they will do);
  • Ashlynn Smith, Jersey Village – News or Feature Photo (Traditional Dress);
  • Emmilyne Thomas, Jersey Village – Feature Story (The New Normal); and
  • Lin Vu and Emmilyne Thomas, Jersey Village – Double Truck Layout (Election).

Third-place winners

  • Alexandria White, Cy-Fair – Sports Story (The Fighting Last Resorts);
  • Mackenzie Cook, Cy-Fair – Opinion (Sinking Under High School);
  • Switch Brillo, Cy-Fair – Single-Page Layout (Who Let the Beasts Out?);
  • Maddie Beard, Cy-Fair – Graphics/Photo Illustration (Geek to Chic Art);
  • Emme Enojado, Cy-Fair
    • o Review (Slammin’ Good Poetry);
    • o Cartooning (Political Candidates); and
    • o Feature Story (Bobcat Flood Never Drowns);
  • Susana Vazquez, Cy-Fair – Feature Story (Into the Bandlands);
  • George Holbrook, Cypress Woods – Yearbook Photo (Flags at Sunset, Make it Rain);
  • Hannah Nicolaisen, Cypress Woods – News Story (AP Testing: Get the 5 and Still Survive);
  • Angelo Gonzales, Jersey Village – Yearbook Copywriting (Pressure Eased);
  • George Rosales, Jersey Village
    • o Yearbook Copywriting (Festival inspires artists); and
    • o Yearbook Layout (Enlighten).
  • Odalys Delgado, Alan Moreno and Ashlynn Smith, Jersey Village – Yearbook Layout (Workout Ties);
  • Damaris De León, Jersey Village – Yearbook Layout (Here, There, Everywhere); and
  • Pamela Jimenez, Jersey Village – Single-Page Layout (Festival Time).

Honorable mention winners

  • Switch Brillo, Cy-Fair – Double-Truck Layout (All Around the World);
  • Audrey Gray, Cy-Fair – Single-Page Layout (Welcome to Houston);
  • Katy Aing, Cy-Fair – Sports Story (Shooting for the Future);
  • Nicole Shair, Cy-Fair – News Story (Lights, Camera, Laughs);
  • Sabrina Sommer, Cy-Fair – Yearbook Photo (Step Photo);
  • Hunter Woods, Cy-Fair – Yearbook Photo (Golf);
  • Jack Phillips, Cy-Fair – Single-Page Layout (Simon Says);
  • Danyel’la Johnson, Cy-Fair – Graphics/Photo Illustration (Change Can be a Good Thing);
  • Megan Grisham, Cypress Woods – Yearbook Photo (Car Smash, Finish Line, Outdoor Theater, Team Bonding);
  • Leah Torrez, Cypress Woods – Feature Story (Abayas to blue jeans);
  • Jessica Sweeten, Jersey Village – Yearbook Photo (Christmas Voice);
  • George Rosales, Yesenia Cuellar, Christopher Hodge and Lauren Middleton, Jersey Village – Yearbook Layout (Homecoming Parade/Pep Rally); and
  • José Sosa, Jersey Village – News or Feature Photo (Spot the Student).

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