Horne Elementary hosts 10th annual Multicultural Parade

January 28, 2017

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Nearly 250 students representing various cultures participated in the 10th annual Horne Multicultural Parade on Jan. 27 at the school.

Jan. 28, 2017—Horne Elementary School students, staff and parents lined the hallways and filled the cafeteria to celebrate diversity and cultural pride at the 10th annual Horne Multicultural Parade on Jan. 27.

Held in conjunction with the Lunar New Year, the parade is also one of six No Place for Hate activities the school holds throughout the year to maintain its NPFH status.

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Horne Elementary School staff and students alike joined the festivities of the 10th annual Multicultural Parade.

More than 200 students marched in the parade through Horne’s hallways, wearing clothing and holding flags representing their family’s culture. The event concluded in the cafeteria with a special performance by the Young Pride Lion Dance Team, featuring dragon dancers and percussionists that excited the students in attendance.

Horne offered additional multicultural activities prior to the parade, including decorating dolls celebrating the culture of their homes that were posted throughout the building and eating cultural foods during snack time. World maps are hung on walls to show the home countries of hundreds of students across the globe.

0128 Horne Multicultural 3.jpg

Students “feed” pretend money into the mouth of the dragon, represented by the Young Pride Lion Dance Team that participated in Horne’s 10th annual Multicultural Parade.

“It’s just absolutely beautiful. One thing we love about Horne is we are not primarily one culture—we just have great representation from all, and that is on display here at the Multicultural Parade,” said Stephanie Thomas, Horne principal. “Many of our students aren’t able to necessarily travel to different areas to see the various cultural representation, so just being able to have the dragon dancers come and be so close and interactive with the students is, in my opinion, something the students will never forget.”

0128 Horne Multicultural 4.jpg

Horne Elementary School Principal Stephanie Thomas celebrates the 10th annual Multicultural Parade with two students wearing matching clothing celebrating their family culture. 

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