Lamkin welcomes Everyartist Live ! for second straight year

October 23, 2014

Lamkin Elementary School students display their artwork created for the Everyartist Live! celebration at the school on Oct. 22. Pictured, center, is KPRC Local 2 reporter Ruben Galvan.

Oct. 23, 2014—Professional artist Brendan O’Connell, founder of the Everyartist initiative, returned to Lamkin Elementary School on Wednesday and Thursday for the  third annual Everyartist Live! event.

O’Connell brought Everyartist Live! to Lamkin in 2013, an annual kid’s creativity day that brings together young artists to spark human creativity. The event returned to Lamkin in 2014 with the theme of “My Favorite Story,” based on O’Connell’s positive experience in CFISD last year.

He was impressed by Lamkin art teacher Pat Barry so much that he asked her to write the 2014 lesson plan on the Everyartist website.

“Lamkin has such a great energy,” O’Connell said. “We enlisted Pat to give a holistic approach to the lesson by interpreting ‘My Favorite Story,’ and she did a great job. Pat goes all in, and that was part of the appeal of coming back here.”

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade arrived at Lamkin early on Wednesday morning to showcase their works of art for KPRC Local 2 reporter Ruben Galvan in a segment for the morning news.

Barry challenged the students to create interpretations of art supplies that had come to life.

“Every student has a story, and when you connect emotionally with something from your life, the art quality is always so much better because you know every detail, you’ve lived it,” Barry said. “Small children cannot write, but to be able to put life story in one piece of artwork, and stand there and narrate it to you, cements all levels of learning. It’s what right-brain creativity is all about.”

Approximately 1,000 Lamkin students created art that was hung throughout the school’s main hallway. Parents and friends flooded the hall on Thursday to admire the student art gallery.

“I’ve dreamed for years to have this amazing opportunity for my students to shine, and Brendan has really given the nation a cause that is very necessary to promote creativity,” Barry said. “This is the perfect place for it to happen.”

Lamkin principal Gale Parker said she was proud to have Barry, the school’s 2013-2014 Spotlight Teacher, lead the Everyartist Live! effort.

“Pat is such an outstanding instructor,” she said. “The neat thing about it is that every child has a story to tell, and they are all creative in their own way. It doesn’t matter where they come from, the diversity is there, and Pat draws it out of them.”

O’Connell, who tweeted his affinity for Houston amid school visits on Wednesday, said that Texas schools are ahead of the curve in providing quality art education to students.

“Texas is really at the highest crux of art education and art leadership,” he said. “The idea of reinforcing that art is a component of everything – you can approach art through math, science and language arts. Pat is the perfect teacher to set up that comprehensive approach.”


Artist Brendan O’Connell, founder of the Everyartist program, assists Lamkin students as they use thumbprints to decorate an cardboard print.


Lamkin art teacher Pat Barry assists KPRC Local 2 reporter Ruben Galvan as he creates a drawing representative of KPRC on-air talent Anthony Yanez, Owen Conflenti, Courtney Zavala and Jennifer Reyna.


Lamkin students create representations of art supplies “in action” for a class project during the Everyartist Live! event on Oct. 22.


KPRC Local 2 reporter Ruben Galvan shares a laugh with Lamkin parents and students before going live on air to promote the Everyartist Live! event at Lamkin on Oct. 22.


CFISD representatives welcome artist Brendan O’Connell to the Everyartist Live! celebration at Lamkin Elementary School. Pictured, from left, are Gale Parker, Lamkin principal; Pat Barry, Lamkin art teacher; Brendan O’Connell; Dr. Linda Macias, associate superintendent for curriculum and instruction and accountability; Donna Guthrie, assistant superintendent for elementary administration; and Sarah Sanders, art coordinator. 

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