‘Lunch Angel’ gives another $500 to Lunch Super Hero Account

May 22, 2015


Kenny Thompson of Feed the Future Forward presents a $500 check to Cy-Hope accountant Holly Calbat, left, and executive director Lynda Zelenka on May 21.

May 22, 2015—Kenny Thompson, founder of nonprofit Feed the Future Forward, contributed another $500 to CFISD’s Lunch Super Hero Account during a visit to nonprofit Cy-Hope on May 21.

The account was established in April 2014 by Thompson, Cy-Hope and the CFISD food service department to benefit students who have exceeded the credit limit on their lunch account.

Donations for the Lunch Super Hero Account are collected on the Cy-Hope website to support the students who are among the 50 percent in CFISD who qualify for free and reduced lunches. According to Cy-Hope Executive Director Lynda Zelenka, Cy-Hope gives approximately $1,900 each quarter to keep the account replenished.

“Cy-Hope serves Cy-Fair students, and that’s our focus,” she said. “Kenny’s support and partnership have been incredible, and only increases the exposure for how the community can assist these children.”

Since reaching out to CFISD in February 2014 while paying off lunch account balances at Horne Elementary School, Thompson said his Feed the Future Forward organization has impacted the lives of nearly 200,000 students.

“I continually have more communities and corporations calling me and wanting to get involved,” he said. “Over the summer should be a big turning point for us. I want to be able to hit the big numbers that our school districts need to keep these accounts funded. We want to make an even bigger difference next year.

“In Cy-Fair, you have made the commitment to say, ‘We want better for our kids.’ How can I not support that? As long as I have money in the bank, I’m going to fund this program.”


Kenny Thompson writes a $500 check to supplement CFISD’s Lunch Super Hero Account on May 21. 

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