Presentations motivate middle school students entering summer

May 27, 2016

0527 Summer Fun Talk 1.jpg

University of Houston alum Dominic Miller performs a standing military press with Labay Middle School students Brillian Fontenette, left, and Scarlet Jimenez during a motivational talk to students on May 25.

May 27, 2016—Two football players and a local radio DJ visited two CFISD middle school campuses this week to deliver the motivational speech, “Summer’s Fun, But Make Right Choices.”

Former NFL player Keith Davis and University of Houston alum Dominic Miller joined NGEN Radio’s DJ Overflow for visits to Truitt Middle School on May 23 and Labay Middle School on May 23 and 25 to speak to students about making good choices and persevering through hardship.

0527 Summer Fun Talk 2.jpg

University of Houston alum Dominic Miller, spotted by fellow motivational speaker Keith Davis and a student, performs push-ups while teacher Richard Chandler stands upon his back.

The visitors taught the students the acronym “PUSH,” or “Persevere Until Success Happens,” demonstrating feats of strength with the students.

“They spoke about having a good second half if your first half was not what you thought it would be,” said Kelsey Richardson, Truitt teacher. “If you’re having a hard time now, remember that there’s always the second half to finish strong and win the game.”

0527 Summer Fun Talk 3.jpg

Labay student Logan Byrne displays the college rings and Keith Davis’s jersey after the athletes’ motivational talk on May 25.

Both Davis and Miller shared stories of personal challenge within their own lives that resonated with the students.

“An eighth-grader named Ralph Rahedi told me, ‘I thought the speakers were great! It was good to see that they still became successful despite the obstacles in their lives,’ said Nakia Roberson, Labay counselor. “I hope all our students were able to take something away from the presentation because it doesn’t matter where you are from. What matters most is where you are going. I pray our Labay Eagles work hard, put forth effort and strive for education and excellence.”

0527 Summer Fun Talk 4.jpg

Motivational speaker Keith Davis puts a large jersey on sixth-grade student Kevin Carerra during a presentation at Truitt Middle School on May 23.

0527 Summer Fun Talk 5.jpg

Former New York Giants football player Keith Davis speaks to students at Labay on May 25. 

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