Seniors celebrate next steps with signings

May 27, 2017

0527 Senior Signings 1.jpg
Cypress Falls Principal Becky Denton congratulates graduating seniors during Senior Signing Day on May 12.

May 27, 2017—CFISD high schools celebrated their seniors’ transition to postsecondary opportunities by hosting senior signing days or decision days in April and May.

The students wore their college colors and were grouped by their respective university, community college, trade school or service academy. They then signed certificates acknowledging their commitment to be college or career ready.

0527 Senior Signings 2.jpg
Cypress Falls graduates bound for Baylor University celebrate on Senior Signing Day on May 12.

Cypress Falls High School held its annual Senior Signing Day on May 12.

“Senior Signing Day was pretty fun,” senior Xavier Foley said. “It was actually a pretty good experience for me. I got to see some new friends, got to know where we’re going. I think it’s going to be pretty important, so it’ll inspire more future Eagles that are going to come here to want to graduate, do better in school, have better grades and get accepted to college.”

0527 Senior Signings 3.jpg
Cypress Lakes seniors sign the certificates representing their universities, colleges, trade schools or military branches at the second annual Academic Signing Day on April 27.

Cypress Lakes High School held it second annual Academic Signing Day on April 27 in the school commons.

“On Academic Signing Day, we celebrate and acknowledge the same level of dedication, hard work, and accomplishment our students have achieved in their academics as we do for student athletes on National Signing Day,” said Kim Childress, Cypress Lakes lead counselor. “In signing with their university or military branch today they are proving themselves as committed and capable students and we want to prove how important their accomplishment is through our new tradition of academic signing day.”

Cypress Springs High School held its third annual Decision Day on April 27, celebrating hundreds of graduating seniors before they sent them off for their next step in life.

0527 Senior Signings 4.jpg

Hundreds of Cypress Lakes seniors participate in the school’s second annual Academic Signing Day on April 27.

0527 Senior Signings 5.jpg

Cypress Springs seniors celebrate their postsecondary transition at the third annual Decision Day on April 27. 

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