Thornton artists featured in exhibit at LSC—CyFair

May 22, 2017

0522 Thornton Art 1.jpg
Thornton Middle School Principal Reggie Mitchell observes the student-produced artwork at the opening of the “Who Am I?” exhibit featuring Thornton artwork at Lone Star College—CyFair’s Bosque Gallery on May 18.

May 22, 2017—Thornton Middle School student artists welcomed staff, family and friends to the opening of their art exhibition, “Who Am I?,” at Lone Star College—CyFair’s Bosque Gallery on May 18.

The exhibit, available to view through June 18 at LSC—CyFair’s Center for the Arts, was the result of an Adopt-a-School partnership between the college and middle school.

0522 Thornton Art 2.jpg
Thornton art teacher Elizabeth Allen congratulates eighth-grade student Grace Doan on her artwork, “Faces of Grace,” at the “Who Am I?” exhibit reception on May 18.

“We wanted to know if they were interested in having a show with the students, and they were,” said Constance Vazzino, Thornton art instructor. “We were the first middle school they worked with, so we were blown away.”

Students from all grades and skill levels in Vazzino’s and art teacher Elizabeth Allen’s classes contributed to the 32-piece collection. The theme “Who Am I?” allowed the gallery audience a peek inside the young artists’ minds.

0522 Thornton Art 3.jpg
Thornton eighth-grade student Nicole Lopez stands beside her cardboard sculpture, “Empire State of Mind,” at the opening of the “Who Am I?” exhibit at Lone Star College—CyFair’s Bosque Gallery on May 18.

“They have been excited about this all year long. We wanted a theme that would represent the kids so they could show the community who they are and what Thornton is about and everything that matters to them,” Vazzino said. “We’re very proud of them. The kids worked so hard this year. Some of these pieces took up to four to six weeks each.”

Seventh-grade student Elizabeth Urbina’s artwork, “The Hidden Door,” was among the pieces featured in the gallery.

0522 Thornton Art 4.jpg
Thornton seventh-grade student Elizabeth Urbina showcases her artwork, “The Hidden Door,” at the “Who Am I?” art exhibit at Lone Star College—CyFair on May 18.

“A lot of times people don’t know how people are on their inside. We judge people on the outside,” Urbina explained. “Everyone has their own personality, everyone is different. Some of my piece is about what I’m scared of and some of it is about what I like.”

Seventh-grade student Halla Bonnett’s artwork, “Skeletons in my Closet,” also appeared in the exhibit.

“I used to be a really shy person and no one really knew me,” Bonnett said. “This is me coming out of my shy closet. It feels really cool [to be featured in the exhibit]. It’s really powerful.”

0522 Thornton Art 5.jpg

Thornton teacher William Mitchell observes student-produced artwork at the opening of the “Who Am I?” exhibit at the LSC—CyFair Bosque Gallery on May 18.

0522 Thornton Art 6.jpg

Thornton art teachers Elizabeth Allen, left, and Constance Vazzino stand among their students’ artwork that will be featured at LSC—CyFair’s Bosque Gallery through June 18. 

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