Wildcats use ‘212 Week’ to raise funds for Cy-Hope

February 14, 2015


Cypress Woods High School students form a “spirit train” through the school hallways on Feb. 12 to celebrate “212 Week” on campus. Events throughout the week raised funds for nonprofit Cy-Hope. (Photo by Geoffrey Polefko, Cypress Woods HS)

by Abbie McIntosh, Cypress Woods HS

Feb. 14, 2015—At Cypress Woods High School, students and teachers live by the power of 212. Two-hundred-and-twelve degrees is the boiling point of water. At 211, water is not boiling. It is all about that extra degree.

Every year, Cypress Woods celebrates Feb. 12 as 212 day, and this year the celebration lasted a whole week. Junior students Oakley Arave and Rebecca Metcalf created the week.

“Feb. 12 is a school holiday at Cy Woods,” Arave said. “We decided to come up with a whole week because there was no way to fit all our school spirit into one day.”

Arave and Metcalf were also responsible for creating theme days: Super Hero Monday, PJ Tuesday, Club Shirt Wednesday, RED OUT Thursday (for 212 Day) and Fancy Friday.

Not only was this a week to celebrate school spirit, but to raise money for Cy-Hope.

“Cy-Hope is a local nonprofit organization that benefits the students in CFISD that are on the free and reduced lunch programs,” Arave said. “They pack backpacks full of food to send home with those students so that they will have food over the weekends. They also help provide a safe environment for those kids.”

In order to raise money, Arave and Metcalf created some fund raising ideas.

“We had students pay $2 to throw a pie in the face of seniors Zach McNeal and Aidan Ferrer, Ms. Nelson and Mr. Heath. We also had contests where students could guess how many M&Ms or skittles were in a jar,” Arave said. “I believe it was a huge success.”

Junior class officer and Assistant Principal Katrina Nelson could not be more proud of the effort put forth from students this week.

“I am extremely proud of their leadership and the way they sparked this entire movement,” Nelson said. “Arave and Metcalf were not the only two that worked on this week; the entire junior class officer team really helped make this week as successful as it was.”

Final fund raising totals are expected to be available next week. 


A Cypress Woods student throws a pie in the face of an administrator as part of a fund raising activity for Cy-Hope. (Photo by Abbie McIntosh, Cypress Woods HS)

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