STEM Academy for ARC

STEM Academy for ARC


The CFISD STEM Academy for Automation, Robotics, & Computer Science (ARC) will provide students a rigorous educational experience focused on the growing fields of automation, robotics and computer science. Students will have access to courses and equipment that are unique to this academy.

High School Opportunities

  • Students will earn their STEM endorsement by completing blocked Computer Science and Engineering courses only offered in this academy.
  • Students will access Chemistry one year earlier than students not in this academy.
  • Students will have access to industry standard equipment available only in this academy.
  • Much of the coursework will be K level, including multiple opportunities for college credit (AP and/or dual).

Beyond High School

Students will be prepared to continue training/education for careers such as:

  • Mechanical or Electrical Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Hardware Engineer•Computer Programmer
  • AutoCAD Drafter

Entry Requirements

Students must have completed Algebra I in middle school and it is recommended to have also completed Principles of Applied Engineering and/or Manufacturing.

If the LOTE requirement for graduation is not met in middle school, one credit of LOTE, PE, or Art will need to be taken in summer school.

Industry Certifications

Students will earn certifications that are recognized in the automation and programming fields of study.

9th Grade 

Computer Science I K & Manufacturing Engineering Tech I K

English I K
Geometry K
Biology K
Chemistry K

10th Grade

Computer Science II K (AP exam) & Digital Electronics K (math)

English II K
Physics I AP
Algebra II K
World Geog K/Human Geog AP/World Hist AP
LOTE/PE/Fine Arts/Elective

11th Grade

Computer Science III K & Scientific Research I K (science)

English III K (dual)
US History AP (dual)
Pre-Calculus K (dual)
LOTE/PE/Fine Arts/Elective (2 periods)


An application is required, see counselor for more details.

Applications coming soon.
Kenya Turner, HS Curriculum Director - 281-807-8953
Denise Kubecka, CTE Director -281-897-4036

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