Fine Arts

CFISD Fine Arts Logo


Instructional Support Center – South
10300 Jones Road, Suite 724
Phone:  281-897-4117
Department Fax:  281-807-8641

Mary Running
Director of Fine Arts
281-897-4117 [email protected]
John Morrison
Coordinator of Secondary Music
Band, Choir, Orchestra 
281-897-4042 [email protected]
Timothy Estelle
Coordinator of Secondary Fine Arts
Dance, Theatre Arts
281-897-4080 [email protected]
Lee Carrier
Coordinator of Art K-12    
281-897-4144 [email protected]
Loretta Bourn
Coordinator of Elementary Music
281-897-4146 [email protected]
Susan Jarvis
Fine Arts Department Secretary
281-897-4117 [email protected]
Laura Bradshaw
Music Private Lessons Secretary

281-897-4076 [email protected]
Victoria Alvarado
Elementary Music and Art Secretary
281-897-4140 [email protected]

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