HS Semester Exam Exemptions

2018-19 Semester Exam Exemption Guidelines

To qualify for a Semester Exam Exemption in a class, a student must have three or less absences AND at least an 80 average for the semester. The number of available exemptions per grade level are as follows:

Grade Level Available Exemptions (Fall) Available Exemptions (Spring)
9th 1 1
10th 2 2
11th 3 3
12th 4 7

The following absences are the only absences that do not count against exemptions:

  1. School Sanctioned Field Trip
  2. Documented College Visit – Students are allowed 2 College Visit Days in each of their Junior and Senior years. (A travel day may be included for a College Visit Day.)
  3. Documented Military Branch Visit – Students are allowed a total of four days for military branch visitation during their school career
  4. Class absences resulting from a meeting initiated by an administrator or counselor shall not count against the student.

Please Note: All other absences will count against a student seeking Semester Exam Exemption(s).

Example: "Doctor Return” (DR) - If a student goes to the doctor during the school day and returns the same day with a doctor’s note, the student will receive an excused absence. However, this absence will count against the student’s Semester Exam Exemptions for the class(es) missed.

Please ensure that you are aware of the Semester Exam Exemption guidelines when making doctors or any other appointments during the school day.

Immediate Loss of Exemption occurs if the student: 

  • fails to clear fees or costs of textbooks OR
  • receives:
    • an U (Unsatisfactory) in conduct OR
    • an Out of School Suspension OR
    • a DAEP Placement at ALC/SAC/JJAEP

For more information regarding Semester Exam Exemptions please refer to pages 13 and 14 of the CFISD Student Handbook. Students and guardians may also visit their child’s campus and/or contact the Office of Student Services for a hard copy of the handbook.

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