Special Education Staff

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Support Services

Barbara Levandoski

Secretary to Assistant Superintendent of Educational Support Services

Kathryn Lykke

Director of Special Education

Lauri Barnes

Secretary to Director of Special Education

Diana Flores

Director of Psychological Services

Traci Schluter

Secretary to Director of Psychological Services

Linda Piwetz

Special Education Assistant Director of Programming

Lisa Franke

Secretary to Assistant Director of Programming & Elementary Coordinators

Ursula Wills

Special Education Assistant Director of Student Appraisal

Karin Olsen

Administrative Appraisal Secretary

Mary Lloyd

Coordinator of Pupil Appraisal

Suzanne Mumme

Coordinator of Speech Language Pathology

Kimberly Tanner

Coordinator of Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)

Michelle Truitt

Coordinator of Elementary-IEP/ARD Administration, Para and STAAR Training

Melanie Ceynar

Coordinator of Elementary-Science

Sabrina Schmitt

Coordinator of Elementary-Reading, Language Arts, Dyslexia

Lalarnie Neitzey

Coordinator of Elementary-APE, Math

Kyle Dyer

Coordinator of Elementary-Adaptive Behavior

Deirdre Woolard

Coordinator of Secondary- Adaptive Behavior

Roxana Rogers

Coordinator of Elementary – LIFE Skills & ESY

Hollie Sailors

Coordinator of Secondary- LIFE Skills & ESY

Mary Fitzgerald

Coordinator of Secondary -Science/SS

Leigh Elizondo

Coordinator of Secondary -Reading/Dyslexia

Elizabeth McDowell

Coordinator of Secondary-Math

Caroline Reese

Coordinator of Secondary-ELA

Karen Leon

Coordinator of Northwest Harris County Cooperative of Hearing Impaired

Carla Reid

Coordinator of Deaf Ed Programming and Appraisal

Nicole Watson

Coordinator of Homebound, Transition, Transportation & Interpreters

Linda Mack

Coordinator of Behavior & Social Skills

Robin Wishkoski

Coordinator of Assistive Technology & Related Services (VI, OT, PT, O&M)

Winona Lincoln

Interpreter Coordinator of Hearing Impaired

 Jessica Graham

Lead Diagnostician

Deanna Hicks

Lead Diagnostician

Nicole Robertson

Lead Speech Language Pathologist

Kelly Mock

Lead Speech Language Pathologist

Bree Garcia

Lead Psychologist

John Nomura

Lead Psychologist

Sara Glennon

Bilingual Appraisal

Frank Price

Bilingual Appraisal

 Isabel Benavidez

Bilingual Appraisal

Diana Cisneros

Bilingual SLP

Ana Congdon

Bilingual SLP

Liliana Dominguez

Dysphagia Support SLP

Carolyn Dolby

SHARS/MAC Specialist

Jennifer Hurt

Elementary Math Coach

Sheri Hoffman

Elementary Math Coach

Latori Williams-Blair

Elementary Reading Coach

Cynthia Adams

Elementary Reading Coach

Michelle Reams

Elementary Reading Coach

Lisa Stewart

Secondary Math Coach

Christina Hughes

Secondary Math Coach

Keyonna Harney-Satterwhite

Secondary Reading Coach

Deborah Cowie

Secondary Eng/LA Curriculum Coach

Megan Macarthur

ECSE (Early Childhood Special Education) Coach

Lori Davis

LIFE Skills Coach (Elementary)

Kathryn Maliskas

LIFE Skills Coach (Elementary)

Sara Hoffman

LIFE Skills Coach (Secondary)

Stefani Yates

LIFE Skills Coach (Secondary)

Ayodele Jones

Programming Coach

Charles Motley

Behavior Coach

Tracy Oestreich

Behavior Coach

Tammy McIntyre

Behavior Coach

Aaron Divirgilio

Behavior Coach LIFE Skills (all levels)

Kiyoko Augustus

Behavior Support Specialist

Katherine Wyrick

Behavior Support Specialist

Carol Wheatland

Behavior Support Specialist

Kathleen Billette-Saul

Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) Intake

Martha Copeland

PEIMS/Success Ed Support

Vicky Garcia

Lead Records Secretary

Gisela Flores

Records Secretary

Charlotte Armstead

Programming Secretary to Coordinators of Deaf Education Cooperative & AB

Jean Severson

Programming Secretary to Coordinators of Life Skills, ESY & Behavior/Social Skills

Shante Moore

Programming Secretary to Coordinators of High School & Transition/Family Services

Kim Dunn

Programming Secretary to Coordinator of ECSE, AT and Related Services

Tonya Woodridge-Jarvis

Appraisal Secretary

Sandra Rivera

Appraisal Secretary

Brenda Culver

Secretary to Assistive Technology

Linda Conger

SERS Secretary

Denise Sessions

Technology Service Technician IV

Jesse Guerrero

Technology Service Technician IV

Carlos Sevilla

Sp. Ed. Clerical Support of Bilingual Diagnosticians & Speech Pathologists

Maria Bazan

Special Olympics

Darci Garcia

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