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The Cypress-Fairbanks I.S.D. Reality Oriented Physical Experiences (ROPES challenge courses) provides an outdoor educational environment that develops the skills of an effective communicator, competent problem-solver, self-directed learner and responsible citizen. Participants are taught these skills through warm-up games, initiatives and low and high challenge course elements while being guided by a trained facilitator. The level of participation is voluntary at all times; challenge by choice is the motto.

In addition to working with district groups, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD is pleased to offer the district ROPES experience to the public. Companies benefit from experiential learning as working together to solve challenges on the course strengthens working groups and pays dividends back at the office. ROPES also provides a dynamic twist to birthday parties, family reunions or any other social gathering. The varied atmosphere offers something for everyone.

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  • Registration now being accepted for Summer 2017 ROPES Camp


Warm-Up Games and Initiatives

Games are chosen that promote teamwork, communication and trust. The initiatives are problem-solving tasks that require the whole group to make decisions. Leadership skills are developed as each person gives and receives input.

Low Elements

Slightly elevated off the ground, these activities require participants to employ their sense of balance, cooperation, trust and teamwork. Participants learn to make a plan, organize according to the plan and execute the plan.

High Elements

High elements are constructed of cables and wood 20 to 40 feet off the ground. The participants are secured to a belay rope for safety at all times. High elements are more physically demanding and require more focus. Individuals, or pairs, depending on the element, complete the tasks with the support of their teammates on the ground.

Challenge By Choice

Some participants will choose to experience all elements offered, while others will choose to support the group with encouraging words and physical support when needed. Participants are encouraged to venture out of their comfort zone; however, all levels of participation provide an opportunity for the participant to learn, grow and succeed.



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