Gifted & Talented

The activities below are intended to support critical thinking and problem solving.

K- 2nd

  • Create a commercial, video, poster, or skit encouraging your neighbors to make healthy choices during this health crisis.
  • You are a youtuber and you notice that a lot of your followers are stockpiling toilet paper.  What would be your message to them?
  • Brainstorm ways you can make the community a happy place for your neighbors during this health crisis.  Organize your ideas and share them with a family member.


3rd – 8th  

  • Create a public service announcement or commercial for the topics below.
  • How can my community and I stay healthy during a public health crisis?
  • Develop a plan to help senior citizens in your community during this health crisis.
  • Create an argument why we should not stockpile during this health crisis.



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