Middle School Career & Tech


Tips for your very first job interview

Lifestyle & Occupation Calculator
Determine minimum salary needs and explore opportunities that earn the salary they’ll need.

Career Exploration & Trends

Job Hunter’s Guide Course/Book - 6 steps to secure a job:  
1.    Assess Yourself
2.    Prepare Yourself
3.    Search for a Job
4.    Contact Employers
5.    Interview
6.    And Maintain Work
Each will be described in detail throughout this course.

Engineering & Manufacturing 

Middle & High School Engineering &  Robotics

Explore NASA STEM Resources

  • Explore with Engineering.
  • Explore careers at NASA.

Hospitality & Human Services

Hospitality & Tourism/Interior Design
12 Virtual museum tours


Technology /Computer Science
TED Talk - A 30 year History of the Future

HST / Technology / Computer Science
Healthcare IT Careers

Business, Marketing, & Finance


Why join JROTC?

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