International Students

International Students Entering Grades 9-12

Registration for students whose last school of record was outside of the United States (including American International schools, Puerto Rico, and the West Indies) is a three-step process as noted below.

  1. The parent/guardian and student must begin the process at the school of attendance which is determined by the student’s address.  All documents as noted in the “All Students” section should be presented to the high school Registrar.  Upon verification of the documents presented, the Registrar’s Office will place a call to the Transcript Evaluation Office to secure an appointment time for the enrolling student (usually the same day).
  2. The enrolling student and the parent/guardian will meet with the Coordinator for Transcript Evaluation at the Transcript Evaluation Office (located in Suite 308 at the Instructional Support Center-North).  If applicable, initial language testing will be administered.  During this appointment, all foreign academic documents will be reviewed to determine the student’s level of language support (if applicable), classification status, and credits to be awarded. 
  3. The student and parent/guardian return to the school of attendance to complete the registration process in the Registrar and Counseling Offices.


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