Common Terminology

School Safety

Providing a safe learning environment is the district’s top priority.  As a proactive step, each school, in cooperation with the Cy-Fair Police Department and Director of Campus Safety, has developed safety and crisis response procedures.

Throughout the school year, schools will conduct practice drills during the school day to ensure that all persons are familiar with their roles and responsibilities. Additionally, all schools have identified secondary sites and reunification (student pickup) procedures in case it becomes necessary to evacuate school premises. If a safety situation occurs, the district may utilize parent letters, the district television station, CFTV Channel 16, the district website and local television and radio stations (see previous section, Emergency School Closings, for listing) to communicate information to parents.

In order to alleviate any confusion regarding the terminology used during these emergency events, the following definitions have been included.

Shelter in Place

This procedure may be implemented when a situation other than weather may be a hazard
to health or is life threatening. It is safer to keep the students inside the building rather than expose them to possible harm by allowing them to leave the building; therefore;

  • All windows and doors will be locked
  • The air conditioning system will be shut down
  • No one will be allowed to enter or leave a building
  • Parents will not be able to pick up children from school

Once the “ALL CLEAR” is given, students and teachers will return to their regular activities or a parent/student reunification (student pickup) program may be initiated.   If a school is sheltering in place, parents should also shelter in place at home.

Shelter in Place, Weather Only

This procedure may be implemented when weather conditions exist that may place school or
schools in immediate danger. The following steps will occur:

  • Students and staff will be sheltered inside buildings away from outside windows or doors
  • Buildings will be open for entry only
  • No one may exit until the “ALL CLEAR” is given

When  the  “ALL  CLEAR”  is  given,  normal  activities  may  resume  activities  or  a parent/student reunification (student pickup) process may be initiated.

Secure the Building

When a campus is notified that the local police or sheriff department is actively pursuing
wanted suspects in the area, the following will take place:

  • All students and staff will be moved into the main building if it is safe to do so
  • All doors and windows will be locked
  • No one will be permitted to exit or enter the building and doors will be monitored by staff
  • Parents will not be permitted to pick up their children from school

Once the “ALL CLEAR” is given by proper authority, students and staff may return to normal activities.


This procedure is only initiated when an intruder enters the premises of a campus and poses an imminent danger to students and staff.

  • All doors, windows, and classrooms will be locked
  • Students and teachers will remain in their classrooms
  • No one will be allowed to enter or leave the building
  • Parents will not be allowed to pick up children from school
  • Local authorities will provide assistance, if needed

Once the “ALL CLEAR” is given, students and teachers will return to their regular activities or the parent/student reunification (student pickup) process will go into effect.

Reunification/Child Pick-up

In the event that a decision has been made that a school must be evacuated and emergency personnel report that the danger or threat has passed, and the area is safe for children and parents, reunification procedures will be initiated.   The district/school will identify the locations, time, and checkout process for parents to pick up children.  The district website will be one of the tools used to communicate instructions with parents.

Reunification Videos ~ [Español]

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