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CFISD Student of the Week: Ted Bullard

CFISD Student of the Week: Ted Bullard

Sept. 18, 2023—Wells Elementary School fifth grade student Ted Bullard is praised by his teachers for being a ray of sunshine on campus.

School: Wells Elementary School

Age: 10

Grade: 5

Accomplishments: Bullard’s teacher, Kate Stoneham, shared that his smile lights up a room and he is always ready to make someone laugh with a joke. Bullard is helpful with younger students and is considered a role model on the bus for fellow students. Bullard is regarded as a positive leader and has won the hearts of his peers, teachers and Wells administration with his kindness.

Favorite class: “Science, because it’s cool.”

Favorite things to do after class: “Playing basketball with my team or with my dad, playing video games, eating at McDonald’s and hanging out with my family.”

Favorite website/app: YouTube.”

Favorite movie: Tom & Jerry The Movie, because it’s funny.”

Ambition: “I want to play in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers. It will make my dad proud.”

What topics/things are you passionate about?: “Animals, especially dogs.”

What inspires you?: “My dad and playing basketball.”

What three things can’t you live without?: “Video games, my family and basketball.”

What are you most looking forward to this semester?: “Science.”