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CFISD Student of the Week: Caleb Francis

CFISD Student of the Week: Caleb Francis

Nov. 14, 2023—Wells Elementary School third grade student Caleb Francis is applauded by his teachers for being active both inside and outside the classroom.

School: Wells Elementary School

Age: 8

Grade: 3

Accomplishments: Francis’ soccer team recently placed second in a tournament.

Favorite class: “My favorite class is P.E.”

Favorite things to do after class: “I enjoy playing with my PS5.”

Favorite song: Circles by Post Malone.”

Favorite website/app: YouTube.”

Favorite TV show: Big City Greens, because it’s a funny show.”

Favorite movie: “Anything Spider-Man because I like superheroes.”

Ambition: “I want to create video games so other kids can enjoy playing video games.”

What topics/things are you passionate about?: “I like playing soccer because it’s so fun.”

What inspires you?: “I’m inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo because he is a hard worker.”

What three things can’t you live without?: “My games, family and friends.”