October 9, 2023

JV’s of the Week for October 9, 2023


Fernanda Rodriguez

Nevaeh Lopez

Madison Heaggans

 Madison Koopmann


Fernanda Rodriguez takes ownership of her learning environment daily. Despite the hectic students around her, she makes a choice every class period to focus, ask questions, and demonstrate her learning. - Brandi Lira


Nevaeh Lopez is in a difficult class with a lot of distractions, but she always works hard and turns in her work on time. She is one of my best class participants. Nevaeh takes pride in doing a good job and being successful. She's a real grinder. - Justin Rigdon


(Madison Heaggans) Milo has a great attitude toward learning Spanish and helps me out with passing out papers. - Renee Ingham


Madison Koopmann helps a special needs students in our class every single day by assisting him in  getting his materials, gluing into his notebook, opening his water for him, and packing up. She is so helpful and does all of this without being asked! - Danielle Olivarez