October 27, 2023

JV’s of the Week for October 27, 2023  

  • Tatianna Burciaga
  • Jaden Oung
  • Aiden (Andrew) Ross
  • Daniel Lezama

Tatianna Burciaga is far ahead of her peers in her practicum cohort as well as the leader of them. 

She is extremely talented and motivated and is an example to all students. - Brandy Milson


Jaden Oung is a hard worker who does his work when asked.  He is cooperative and always works and finishes assignments. 

He is friendly and always comes to class with a smile on his face ready to work.  - Amber Anderson


Aiden (Andrew) Ross always has a positive attitude in class and

is willing to participate and help others including myself when needed. -  Jenn Fuller


Daniel Lezama always has a great attitude. He comes to class ready to learn and help others too. - Leika Rushing