November 27, 2023

JV’s of the Week for November 27, 2023

  • Thai Dinh
  • Gabriel Castillo Vanni
  • Jasmine Acosta
  • Collin Hansen

Thai Dinh truly leads in class, models exemplary behavior, and puts in the work and effort to effectively take ownership of his section. - Matthew Beland


Gabriel Castillo Vanni is the hardest working student in all of my classes. There is not a single day when he is not giving 110% in class. He is constantly engaged and always participating. Gabriel finished the first grading period with a 100 average. - Justin Rigdon


Jasmine Acosta has a positive attitude EVERY day.  She constantly encourages her classmates & is leader amongst her peers. - Coach Smith


Collin Hansen goes beyond what is called for with his assignments. He looks to do more and learn more. - Kelly Groark